Monday, June 9, 2008

It Must Be An Old Thing...

My father loves to enter a contest. Anyone he can get his hands on he will enter. He did win $1,000 last year from one.

Today when I was over he got to talking about some of his contests and told me he can not enter some because he needs a computer. With that said he hands me a piece of paper with a web site to win a new Toyota Tundra Truck. He said if you win and don't want it you can always sell it (with the price of gas I just might). I guess when you get old and have nothing else to do, but watch court programs on T.V. you pass the time with a few contests.

I am not one to enter contests because I do not want my name on some snail or e-mail list and this time will be no exception. I get way to much mail now. No thank you!

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  1. Have you started your quilt yet? If you have how about putting a picture on so I can watch your progress.


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