Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 15 at 5:15 pm

It's been a few days since I have updated this. I get home from work and all I want to do is eat and watch t.v. Not doing much of anything else. Thank God for having a job to where I can sew.

My manager from work is at the International Husqvarna Viking Convention waiting for the new top of the line sewing and embroidery machine to be unveiled direct from San Antonio, Texas. On Sunday Jane 15, here will be a LIVE web cast unveiling at 5:15 pm ct. To watch this web cast click here and join over 20,000 other people as we get to see this new machine for the first time. I have the alarm on my phone set so I do not forget. Please no phone calls between 5 and 6.

While the manager is away I get to play "boss". To me it is just more work for no more pay. Plus it can be a pain in the ass at times.

O.k. it is time for an update on the pinwheel quilt for my friend. I have all the half square triangle sewn into pairs and all the teal ones into pinwheels. I just have to finish the brown ones. It looks like a lot of small pieces and there is (120 pinwheels in all), but I enjoy this. Just to see the look on his face when I give it to him will be worth all the hours that I have put into it. He does plan on keeping this on his couch in the living room. With this quilt I will get to do some paper piecing for the first time. I am looking forward to this. I've always thought about trying it, but never jumped in till now. I have tomorrow off (not sure how I manged to get Father Day off, must be a guy thing) and I plan on getting a lot more done to this quilt. My other half is working all day. Yay I get the whole house to myself.

Two weeks ago I was talking with my better half and he told me that it would be nice if we could give a quilt to the couple of the wedding that we had to go to that next Friday. I had wished I knew of his idea a bit sooner. I racked my brain to see what quilt pattern I could come up with and would not talk a few years to finish (seeing how all the people at his work have a bet going that their marriage will not last more than four months). I was able to come up with a good quick pattern and I had all the fabric right in my own stash. I knew all that fabric would come in handy one day. It only took me about 6 hours to get this one done. It's called Yellow Brick Road. Quick and easy as you can see. I love all the rich golds in this quilt. Not bad for throwing a quilt together in only a week and having with a week left over. Damn I'm good.

I am already planning my next two quilts out. I have the fabric for one of them and the other I am just waiting for the quilt shop to get the fabric in so I might get it. More on those another time.

Till next time.

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  1. Just checked out your progress and your are doing great. Good job on the Yellow brick road it is very nice.


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