Monday, August 18, 2008

I See Stars!!

When I started this post Robin Fox's song I See Stars came to mind. Does anyone else out there know this song other than me?

If you were to look at all the quilts that I have done or even designed you will see that most of them have stars in them. I designed two different quilts, one for my mother-in-law and another for my sister that used star patterns.

As you can see they are alike in some ways, but at the same time very different. I know that the one on the right is a double pinwheel block, but to me it fits the star theme.

Below are two more quilts that I have designed. On the left is the quilt that I designed for a good friend, entitled Chasing the Stars. The one on the left I designed for my good friend's mother, entitled A Mother's Love.

There are many other quilt patterns with stars that I just love. I have not had the time to try my hand at them. Then there are some star patterns that I don't think I will ever try for one reason or another. Lets just face it, some patterns are harder than others. Why do a pattern when you know that it will not be your best work? I need to get some more skills under my belt before I try them. Lone Star is one such pattern.

Below you will find some star or star like quilts that someday I would like to make.

Just click on the picture to see any of them real size.

Once I make a quilt, I need to make sure to get a picture of it , so I can keep track of them all. I am bad about that, but now that I have blogger I am sure it will help. This is a great forum for me to show them off.


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