Saturday, August 9, 2008

Online Shopping? Absolutely!

I was out on the web once again looking at quilts when I came across one I just had to try. It's called Monkey Fist and is from the book Adventures in Circles by Leigh E. McDonald. As many of you know, I have been in this curve groove for sometime now (look back a few posts). I went into EQ6 to draw this quilt, went shopping online for some fabric, and brought all my choices into EQ6 to try them and see if they all worked together.

I thought they all worked well together. So I went ahead and bought my fabric. I could not wait till it got here so I could get started on this. It's just so cute. A few days later the fabric did show up and all the fabrics looked great, but the two stripes just did not work with the other fabrics. They were darker than they looked on the computer screen.

I knew that fabric always looked a little different than what you see on the screen and the great thing about this is I now have fabrics for two quilts. I just need find some fabric to go with the stripes and add another print for the other.

Would I still shop online after all this? Yes. I love all the sales and the fabric is great. I have bought other fabric and it worked for that project. Next time I'll be more careful and read the description a little more closely, unless I am stash building.

Happy shopping!!!



  1. same thing has happened to me...i'm like you...i just chalk it up to stash building. love the design...good luck finding more fabric.

  2. Hey, you redecorated the blog. I like the nice new look.

    Can you tell me how you do that "My Blog List" ? I have gathered a few from yours and have a few of my own that I would like to add on my blog.


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