Thursday, September 4, 2008

Perfect Day!!!

Today was a perfect day. The weather was just right, not to hot and not to cold. My BH took me out for a picnic tonight when I got home from work. It was so thoughtful and sweet of him. He had made chicken salad sandwiches and macaroni salad and we went to a local park. What a great way to spend a Friday evening. After dinner we went on a 1.3 mile hike. Wow, that was a trip let me tell you. My heart was beating fast. I am not used to all that exercise. Maybe I need get off my butt a little more... :-)

It's just a perfect day. I am glad I spent it with you. Oh such a perfect day. I am, glad I spent it with you. You made me forget myself. I thought I was someone else. You keep me hanging on. Oh such a perfect day. I am glad I spent it with you. -Lou Reed

Then I went shopping at Macy's, they are having a huge sale this weekend. I bought two hundred dollars worth of clothes for about sixty dollars! I love big sales at Macy's, sometimes you can find clothes cheaper than at wal mart.

Here is a project that I made for my good friend Pat. I will be teaching this class at work. I pieced the table runner and pat quilted it. I just love how Pat uses cherries for the quilting of the runner. The embroidered cherries are the cutest!!!

Here is yet another table runner that I made and quilted myself. I think I might end up giving this to my mother when I am done with it. It is more her colors than mine. I like to take simple blocks and make then look like something so much more. I love how the outer border is broken up by a matte strip. It just kinda sets it off. Give it that "pop" factor. Take a look at the binding on this one I have done it all by machine.

Table runners are quick and easy to make. Most only use 3 - 4 blocks and you can get them done in no time. They are great for the beginner quilter. They even give you a chance to try out your quilting. Woot!

Thanks for a perfect day!!


Edit: This blog entry was done Sept 5th, 2008 not what ever day blogger thinks I have done it.

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  1. i'm hoping to get some table runners done for christmas that first one. i'm heading to macy's today too. isn't the weather grand? i'm loving it!


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