Thursday, October 16, 2008

12 Steps and Cute as a Button!

I am loving this autumn weather we are having. All the leaves are changing and turning into bright yellows to vibrant reds. These are my colors. I fall back upon them time and time again, but I am trying to think out of my comfort zone. Hard to do sometimes. I am just drawn to the Autumn colors, and if you look at my stash it just screams out Autumn.

I have decided that I am going to try to use up most of my stash, it is just getting way out of hand and I am always wanting new fabric, but never use up what I have. Sometimes I think it might be best if I just buy what I need. Lets face it, how many of us really use our st
ash? Maybe a piece here and there, but for the most part we buy what we need. I would like to be the fist to say: My name is Charlie and I am a fabricaholic. Who would like to stand with me and join our little 12 step program by using up their stash. Show of hands please. Can't take it with you and if I were to ever move I do not want to schlep it around.

I am almost done! Done with what you ask? Done with my Another Little Quilt Swap Quilt. I was able to get it quilted and the buttons sewn on today. I just have to get the label and binding on. I will get the binding placed on tomorrow, but as for the label that is another story all together.

As many of you know I dislike to do any hand sewing of any kind. I really many ANY. So here lies the problem, how to get the label on the back of the quilt. If I were to do it by machine it will show on the front. Then I thought about using steam-a-seam 2 around the edges, but I am just not sure. Also thought about sending the label with the quilt and some chocolates and letting my secret pal place it on, but that is just tacky and rude. I need your help in this matter. Post any idea's you might have. I will take any help you could give me.



  1. Hey Charlie!
    It's funny that you posted this today, because I'm facing the same dilemma RIGHT NOW! I also hate hand sewing but, beyond that, I don't even KNOW how to hand sew a label on! In the past, I've put the label on before quilting, but the quilting lines make the label look ugly. Then I bought some iron-on fabric sheets as was just going to simply iron on the label after quilting, but my printer ate all of the sheets. I just finished 2 mini quilts and went to print the labels last night, but my printer ran out of ink. I just sent the quilts without labels, but was thinking of sending the labels separately in case they want to attach them themselves. Too tacky, huh? I actually designed some pretty cool labels on my computer ...

  2. Fuse them around the edge, why not? Or use some of the fabric glue. Next time maybe just write directly on the backing before you quilt it, so you don't have ink bleeding through to the front.

    So did you sew your buttons on with the machine? I always do!

  3. My name is Gene and I am a fabricaholic.

    I will stand with you Charlie....but I don't have nearly that much fabric.
    hheeeeheheheh I will gladly help "lighten your stash" Email me and I will give you my shipping address.....after all..I AM a fabricaholic.

  4. i love hand sewing, but that's another story...i used to use a micron pigma pen and write directly on the back. it doesn't bleed and if your back or even the binding isn't too busy it works just great. i got a quilt in a swap with an iron on label...promptly fell off.
    i'm a know it! i use my stash pretty well...mine is not even half what you have. my need some serious help.

  5. Gorgeous colours - a very nice quilt - I'm sure your partner will like it - if not s/he can send it to me!

    As for the label thing, what I do sometimes is bond it (thoroughly)to the backing fabric after the quilt is pinned for quilting and quilt it in place - though I have to say, my quilting is pretty heavy a lot of the time, so it might work better than on a lightly quilted piece...

    Or, if the backing fabric is light enough, I just write on it.

    Oh, and I know someone who recently did a mini quilt where the label was pieced into the backing - I thought that was an excellent idea.

  6. Hi Charlie,
    Came upon your blog through ALQS, so I had to check it out. You make really nice things.
    There actually is an online group of fabri-holics, it is a yahoo group and it is called stashbusters.
    It's a big group, over 3000 women (don't know about any men), so you are not alone.

  7. The little pink and chocolate quilt arrived in today's post and it's marvelous!! Pink and brown is a colour combination I love. There's nothing about this quilt I don't love -- it's definitely going to take pride of place!! I'll blog about it tomorrow.
    Thank you. It's really really super!

  8. Hi! I just followed the link on Catherine's blog to yours - the little pink and brown quilt is beautiful! I've never tried it but if your machine has the capability to stitch alphabets I saw an idea to stitch the label info on the binding before sewing it on - could go on the back or the front. Alternatively if the quilt is going to another quilter, I know I would not be insulted if someone sent me the label to sew on myself!

  9. There's a bigger group of fabriholics over on Stashbusters. It's over 4000 strong and each year there's a "No-Buy Challenge." If you accidently buy something that's not borders, backing, or bindings, then you send in charm squares to pay the penalty. check it out.

  10. Have you looked at the pictures other crafters post of their "studios"? Wall to wall fabrics, beads, embellishments, books, threads, you name it! Yes I am a Fabriaholic, and darn proud of it!
    {btw...found my way here by Dorothy's blog}


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