Saturday, November 1, 2008

Quilts of Honor

Just think, there are only 53 days till Christmas. Has anyone got their Christmas shopping done yet or even have their tree up yet? It just seems that Christmas will be here before we know it. I have not thought about either one yet. I guess I should start.

Woke up this morning and it was foggy outside and it made me think of Foggy Day in London Town by Gershwin. Guess I am just a hopeless romantic. With it being foggy out and not much else to do I was able to work on the Through the Woods quilt that I had started a while back. I just about have all the flying geese sewn together and then I can sew all the border strips together. The fabrics in this quilt are fun and got me out of my color realm with it's "Bright and Merry" colors.

It's going to be a great fall day here in Kansas City. I think the BH and I are going to head over to Blue Spring and do some hiking. They have this great one mile tail that has some awesome cliffs that we get to pass by. I love how there is always beauty in nature. One just has to take the time and look for it.

A few weeks back Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio did a blog about her father. Click here to view this post. I thought I would copy her idea (to copy someone is the great sign of flattery) and tell you about my father and how he has embraced my love for quilting. Quilting has always been in his family. His sister and mother used to quilt. I can remember stories of how my aunts would pick out quilt patterns for my grandmother when she was older just so she could keep her hands active. My Grandmother would hand piece every quilt top and my aunt would machine quilt them. I am lucky to have three quilts my grandmother made before she died and my aunt give up quilting because of heath reasons.

My Father loves woodworking. He has made me three quilt racks. One that is free standing and the other two hang on the wall. All three are made out of cedar. His favorite kind of wood to work with. He saw them in a magazine and made them for me. They are a gift of love. I always keep quilts on them. The free standing quilt rack has the three quilts my grandmother made. I love how she did not always use cotton fabrics for the quilts, but bits of what ever she would have laying around. As you can see the red quilt is very well loved as some of the pieces are coming apart.

The wall hanging rack has a quilt that my BH made. It is his first quilt. I love all the plaids he used in this. It is a very masculine.

As you can see only quilts that have some meaning to me get to hung in a spot of honor.



  1. I loved reading about your family quilts. The thread runs thru the family line, much the same as in my family.

  2. you are so fortunate to have pieces that your grandmother made. aren't dad's great? i think about my dad every time i hang up a quilt on that rack. i'll bet you do too. arrg..not enough days left before christmas...i'm starting to stress.


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