Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where are you, Christmas?

Glen emailed this week and asked if I was doing okay because he has not heard from me in a while. Yes, I am doing fine. Everything is going good. I work in the sewing retail world and it is busy, busy, busy. I have not been doing much sewing because all I want to do is go home and not look at people.

Retail has a way of taking Christmas out of a person. Before I started working retail some 7 years ago I would put up something like seven trees. Had lights on the outside of the house. I used to love Christmas. I would throw the holiday party and send out cards. Now that I am in the retail world and am around people that do not even care about one another and will fight for the last item. Will bitch at you because something is now on sale and when they bought it over a month ago it was not and now they want a price adjustment that we can't give. The true meaning is no longer there. It makes me not want to do anything Christmas related and my BH gets screwed every year because I do not want to put up a tree, lights or for that matter do anything Christmas related. Corporate America has molded Christmas to fit what they feel it should be and made people into this beast of a person. Do kids of today even know the true meaning of Christmas or just what corporate America told them it is?

I think it is time for change and this year I am not going to let the commercialism of Christmas get to me. I am going to put up a tree with my BH so that we might both have a little bit of Christmas and togetherness in our house. Christmas is not about having all the latest and greatest under the tree, but about spending time with the ones that we love. I just need to remember this and not let it get to me. It all about mind over matter. Christmas comes from the heart not the pocketbook.

May each and everyone of you keep the true meaning of Christmas in your heart and not let corporate America take it away.


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  1. Amen, charlie! I avoid black friday and just about all shopping. Christmas is so not about buying things for me. I'm so glad you are keeping the spirit of Christmas for you and your loved ones.


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