Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stars By Magic

The nights are cold and it really is starting to feel more like Christmas with each passing day. I just wish spring would hurry and get here. I hate having to scrape the frost off my car windows each morning.

I love to come home from work when it is dark out because I know when I get home this time of the year I can turn on the Christmas tree and see it's full beauty. I am finding there is something peaceful and serene about this. I would not have thought this possible in years past.

I found an awesome book from my local library. It's called Stars by Magic by Nancy Johnson-Srebro. It looks to be super easy. You can do diamond free stars from squares and rectangles. Perfect point and no Y-seams! That is the best part. I have always wanted to make eight point stars, but with the Y-seams I'd avoid them. Has anyone played with this technique? What are your thoughts on this book?

The BH and I were coming home from dinner one night when I asked if he would like to watch one of our record TV shows with me and he said sure. I thought it would be nice if we would turn on the Christmas tree and watch it, but he said this program was better watched with out all the bright lights of the tree. I said but, I want to turn on the tree. We do not have it up much and this year I am really getting into Christmas and here you are being a scrooge. We are turning on the tree and watching it. YES, I put my foot down on this matter. I was sort of pissed off about it. I think our roles are being reversed this year. I found Christmas and he has lost it. He is getting better about having the tree on. Just last night when I came home from work the tree was already on. It made me smile and I thought how sweet my BH was for having it on.



  1. Merry Christmas Charlie to you and yours! It is a magical time of year if you hold it near your heart. Loved the video in your other post. It really says it all!

  2. I just saw that you had the Stars by Magic book - just wanted to say - it is an awesome book...


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