Sunday, January 25, 2009

Circles, Circles, Circles Everywhere

I have been looking over posts on my blog and I see it has been since the first of the month that I have posted anything of any real substance. Thanks to all that commented about my whirlygiggles quilt. I will be showing you all my choice and update on it once I'm done and then again after it's quilted.

I was out on the web looking around and come across this quilt. It is called Daisy Chain and is from Amy Butler. It's one of her free patterns for her line Daisy Chain. I am drawn to the hip fresh greenish/blue color of this quilt. I was reading the pattern on this quilt and it sounds easy. No seams to match because each strip is a random size. The blocks are foundation pieced and squared up once done. One interesting note; the pattern called for seams to be pressed open to reduce bulk and each block was backstretched at each end. I am thinking this pattern was not written by a quilter or I've been doing something wrong all these years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it is the first. I may not ever make this quilt, but it does look neat.

Anyone seen the new book Adventures in Circles by Leigh E. McDonald? I did a post from it here. When I did that post I hadn't seen the book, just a picture from it. This last week I got a copy from my library to see if I wanted to buy this book. Oh yes, it is going to be added to my bookshelf. Who would have thought you could do so much with a circle. One quilt that stand out in my mind from the book is called Really, Really, Broken Dishes by Kimberly Montagnese. She does have a blog for anyone wanting to check it out. This quilt was inspired by a broken piece of Kim's wedding china. The silver cord was couched on the block. Click here for more info on couching. What a great effect this adds to the quilt. It really looks like the pattern is broken.

I am sure you have seen or at least heard of Tula Pink's new fabric line from Moda called Neptune. This will be one I am going to rush out and buy when it comes in. I can not wait. There is a free pattern for this fabric line and guess what? It's made using circles. I was drawn to this pattern for two reasons, one the color, two the circles. This pattern does remind me a lot of the above quilt. So I might have to combine some of the techniques and maybe make only one quilt.

The above two circle quilts kind of remind me of the Bull's Eye in the book Quilts from Aunt Amy by country threads.

As you can clearly see I have an itching for some circles, but before I get started on all these great quilts I have to get some much need supplies. Anyone own or have used the Olfa circle cutter? It looks easy to use and can cut up to 8 1/2" circles. I think I will use my 50 off coupon from Jo-Ann's and get one. Plus, I need a couching foot and guide for my sewing machine. Don't you just love buying new play toys? I will not get to start this project 'till after Tula's new fabrics come out, as I want to use her new line, but I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy.



  1. Thanks for visiting. Your whirlygig quilt is pretty!

  2. the neptune fabric looks fantastic! thanks for the link. (and thus more fabric envy.)

  3. i love that color combo too, but i'm not a fan of paper piecing...i sure would like to get some of that fabric, though!

  4. Were all of the seams in that pattern supposed to open or just some of the final ones? I would agree that it would be odd to do them ALL open, though I know one or two quilters that do sew in that manner.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    I've made a couple of string quilts like the Amy Butler pattern, and I love them. Also, very easy to do. I've read that Weeks and Ringle from Fun Quilts actually press seams open so that the fabric lies completely flat. I agree, it's not something I would normally do, but the directions may suggest it because of all the bulk with a fabric foundation and quilted pieces on top.


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