Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Weekend Ever!!!

Wow! What a ride it was over the weekend. Did anyone else join in on Pat's virtual retreat? I know a few of you did. Did you feel the rush and have it carry over into Monday? Mine sure did! I even took some blocks to work to sew.

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The lone block was the first OP block I did and posted on facebook. My block choices are done in groups of three. I will have three blocks from each color group of three. I plan on mixing up all my lights and darks. I will not keep them in groups of three like the picture. There is even a hint as to how I might set the quilt.

Did any of you see that I was the winner of two OP giveaways this weekend? I was going to wait til the items came in to tell you about this, but I could not wait that long!

From Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. I am getting the following.

From Carrie - "A few of my favorite things ~ many of them are orange. Chocolate orange sticks, tangerine jelly beans, one of my favorite teas ~ in an orange box, a Schnibbles quilt kit... and, yes, the wire basket is included. The fabric in the kit is Sandy Gervais' Fresh Squeezed. It is everything you'll need to make the Gazebo Schnibbles pattern included in the kit."

As soon as I saw it was fabric from Sandy Gervais I knew I had to have it. Here is my comment:

"I missed Pat when she was in KC only found out after the fact. :-( Oh well. I love the fresh Squeezed fabric. I think I need to have it. Hell, I HAVE to have it."

I am also getting some FQ's from Jan over at a Quilty Pleasure she is sending me some of her orange stash along with some orange PEEPS. Don't you just love peeps? Look at all those luscious colors. They would make one heck of a quilt.

Jan was kind enough to send me a picture of the FQ's she is sending. Apparently, I am blind as a bat, there was a picture right there on her blog. Thanks for the picture Jan.

I will have to do another orange post later in the week once I get the giveaways and have more blocks done. I do post quilt pictures on my facebook page. Find out what I am doing in real time and become my friend on facebook (link on the right). See you there.

I need to go and get the corners sewn on the OP blocks.



  1. WOW...how lucky to win 2 giveaways! I participated, too, but had very limited time, so I made a simple 3-block table runner with the blocks set on point......need to add some applique before I post another photo of it. Congrats on winning such nice prizes!!! (I saw chocolate peeps at the supermarket the other day...what FUN! I think they should make gum in a chocolate flavor, too!!!)

  2. Thanks for the link back to my blog. I am so happy for you, 2 wins! Your peeps and fabric went out in the mail Monday. I picked the peep colors because I love peeps and they keep making them in more colors...I am in heaven. Interesting that you suggested the colors would make a great quilt. Guess what colors I'm using for my OP blocks? You're right all of the Peeps colors...yeah! What is the saying, Great minds think alike. Please let me know when you get your goodies so I know they have arrived safely.

  3. I just read Pat's post - Chocolate PEEPS where are they?My store didn't have chocolate ones...I need some I think.

  4. Congratulations on your winnings!!
    I am in love with the blue/green stripe fabric in your second row down blocks! And the orange with flowers, and the green 'water splash' look, And the purple/blue squiggly in the pile top right on the top right pic, And both orange with dots! and... the dotted blue/green, and ... okay... I love your fabric is all I gotta say! LOL
    Great job! A hint as to setting the quilt.... ummm... 4 x 5 rows... ummm... okay, brain fried, that is all I got! LOL
    Have a wonderful week!!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog.

  5. sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! i love peeps...not to eat, just to look at! spent the weekend in bed over here...the flu!

  6. Wow, you had a really great weekend. Nothing like an awesome project and then winnings too! I'm so happy for you and a little envious!

  7. Ok, you are all going to have to excuse the English lady!! lol What are 'peeps'? Please put me out of my misery! looking orward to seeing what the finished OP looks like!


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