Sunday, February 8, 2009

On the Brightside...

The quilting is coming along great on the Whirlygiggles quilt. In fact when I am done with this post I am going to go and quilt some more on it. As I work on this quilt, I am loving it more and more, therefore making it that much harder to give away. That going to be lucky child.

I wish I could say that the piecing on the Midwest Modern quilt is going just as great :-( It seems that I was wrong when I did the cutting of the pieces, I cut them just a bit to short. As in the words of Project Runway "make it work". I'm going to make each block a little bit smaller and add another border to the quilt to end up close to the same size. The pattern has me cutting the border long ways, therefore I will have enough fabric for my other border. Woot! The extra was to be the backing fabric, but I can get more. Like I need a reason to go fabric shopping.

I did some cleaning of my quilting room yesterday and I just wanted to share a before and after of my fat quarters. I still have little more cleaning to do, but I am on the right track. It will be nice to have a clean room again. It's not been cleaned in days, months, years.



I will show you more of the room once it is all done. We'll do a grand unveiling.



  1. Love the quilt and I am sure that the little one will also. Love the colors.

  2. the whirlygiggles are looking great. i'm getting back to mine today. i've got to get some things finished!!

  3. looks great, and so inspirational to see the fabrics like that!
    just found your blog!

  4. Your fabric looks so pretty! Can't wait to see the rest of it!

  5. Dang....your before is better than my after....

  6. I've not yet succumbed to the Whirlygiggles kool-aid. Though after seeing yours, Charlie... I'm reaching for the glass...


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