Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 Be Square - Part 2

After all the hard work I had put into this quilt. All I could think of when I was looking at was "it looks like a Halloween quilt".

Not the look I was looking for at all. What was I to do? My heart started to beat faster and I was getting knots in my stomach. Really, getting worked up over nothing after I thought about it. I thought I would return to my local quilt shop tomorrow and tell them I had a quilting emergency and need help stat! I wanted this problem fixed sooner than that. I sat down to the computer and started to play with EQ6. It turned out not to be not much help because I did not know what I wanted to do. Then I got to thinking, do I want to throw more money at the problem? Easy answer, no. Then I started to think, how do I make this work. I remembered that Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilts loves to make scrappy borders. Just having gotten one of her patterns I took a look at it and there was my answer. Thank you Carrie! A scrappy rectangle border. Just like the one I used on my Whirlygiggle quilt. Problem solved. So off to bed I went.

Funny side note, because of all this work up. I had a dream during the night and I don't recall what all that happened , but for some reason I was pissed at my BH in the dream. When I woke up I yelled out "NO" and punched my BH and fell back to sleep. When I woke up he asked me why I hit him during the night. Then I told him what I remembered about the dream and about the OP tragedy and how I solved it. You see doing these kinds of things are normal for me. Sometime I will scream or yell out female names in my sleep and never know why I do it.

I set out to cutting and sewing my scrappy border and I must say it looks darn good. Ya! After my ordeal I can toot my own horn on this one.

This is where I am on my OP quilt. As you can see the road has been rocky along the way, but I have over come it and am pushing on. Keep checking here or my facebook page for more updates on the OP quilt and one day soon we will see a finished quilt top. Whoot!



  1. Good solution for the border....it's coming along very nicely!

  2. I like both borders. I have found that even if you don't like the first idea, sometimes it can look a lot differently after the whole quilt is done. We have gagged over some of the things I have put together, until it's finished, then we are happily surprised and we move on. So you might still use the orange and black....at least on the back???

  3. don't you just love when that idea hits you and it works! i dream about quilt problems too.

  4. Your border solution is super!

    I keep a notebook by the bed as I often wake up in the middle of the night with a quilt idea. Haven't hit DH in the middle of the night but have woken up and found some weird design ideas scribbled in the notebook. :-)

  5. Hope BH is ok? Now I understand your horror, surpirsing how dreaming quilts affects your judgement. Remind me to tell you about a funny story similar to this (one day not on blogland!!)))

    Loving the quilt :o)

  6. Thank Freddy Moran!

    She's the one who got me started with pieced borders. Her theory was that by piecing the border, you were creating your own fabric, the perfect fabric to fit your quilt top.

    And it does look great! Excellent job on that... even though it indirectly resulted in a sore arm for your BH. :)

  7. There is always an alternative look! Good for you! Looking good! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  8. and look how much you learned along the way!

  9. Hi Charlie, I totally love your orange quilt. It is magnificent! I even like the orange and black borders, but I also like Halloween! LOL


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