Friday, March 13, 2009

FQ + Book

It's seems like it been forever since my last post, but it's only been a a little over a week. Just when I think spring might be here we go and get another cold snap. I had to turn the heat back on this morning. It's 21 degrees out there right now. I am keeping my butt inside where it's warm. I wish I could take a picture of how cold it is outside, but I can't unless you want to see the highway or the back of Quik Trip. My view is not the best and it's too cold to go out looking for that perfect picture like everyone else has on their blog showing you it's still cold.

If I could ever pull myself off facebook and the internet maybe I could get some quilting done, but don't hold your breath. I am still working on my OP quilt. I should be done with that by now. Once the top is done I will post a picture. Make sure you check out my Facebook page for OP pictures. I have some pictures of the backing, maybe the binding and extra just for fun stuff.

I'm one of them quilters that try to avoid free motion quilting. I am willing to try and learn, but have not put in the hours/weeks/months it takes to learn it. I've been sending the quilts out or leaving them unquilted. I've tried quilting a few myself, with just straight line using my walking foot, but wanted a little more than that. I found Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta and it has inspired me to look at using my walking foot in a whole new way. I never thought to incorporate the use of decorative stitches or even knew my machine had some of the stitches Mary talks about in her book. With the help of this great book I am learning that a walking foot could be used for more than just straight lines. This book will be one I look at again and again.

I thought I would show you the FQ's that I got from Viv from Highway Cottage. She was my partner in the "Wishing it was Spring" swap. She sent me two FQ's with native flower of New Zealand and some fine chocolate from a local shop along with a quilted credit card holder.



  1. I, too, have a problem trying to learn free-motion machine quilting. I've bought a couple of far nothing worked for me. I'll be interested to know if the book you got is helpful. If it is, I may buy that one, too.

  2. I didn't know you could do anything besides a straight line with a walking foot

  3. i'm still working on my free motion...i do love to do different things with my walking's really pretty versatile.

  4. Hi Charlie,
    Just wanted to let you know that I read your post. Don't comment because I am not a quilter. I think that you are great.
    Love ya


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