Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Give Me Fever!

The calender says it's spring, but the temperature outside does not say the same. There were a few days when it was up in the low 70's, but not now because it's 54 with a chance of snow on Saturday. Ugh. I wish spring weather would get here and stay. I am sick of this winter.

Like most of you, I think I have spring fever and am in the mood for a change. I have been thinking about what change I want. Since I spend most of my time in the quilt room I'm going to move it around. Just moving items around can give you a sense of fresh and new. I wish that I had the money to get a new sewing table like this one from Arrow called Bertha Oak. Don't you just love the name?
Her measurements are 84x40x35.5". Now that's a big girl. Does anyone else out there know about or own an arrow cabinet? How can they sell theirs cheaper than other company's? I wish we had a place in town I could go see this set up. It does come with a one year warranty though.

Here are some before pictures of my quilting room. I have not taken the time to clean it. You are seeing MESS, dust and all. Click on any picture for a larger view.
Here is my FQ stash. I think the TV and filling cabinet are going to go. They're taking up space that I could use for something else. Would you look at all the bits of thread on that floor. Someone needs to run a vacuum in this room. Maybe that someone is me.

This item used to be the center island for my kitchen, but since I never spend anytime in there I moved it into the quilt room and use it as my cutting table. It's just the right height and size for a large cutting mat. I love it. Just have to clean the piles of junk out from under it.

My old style teachers desk that I found at a junk store for $20 that I use as my sewing table. I wish it was bigger like Bertha. This way I would not have to move the sewing machine out to the dinning room table to quilt my tops. The ironing board is the super large size I found at Wal-mart. I was just not happy with the smaller size ones. You'll also find the thread holder my father made sitting on the desk. There is that thread I was looking for right there on the floor! Now how did that get there?

Seeing how there was no other spot in the apartment for this 150 year old dresser that once belonged to my great grandmother and that my father restored, it just had to go in the quilt room. I now store fabric in it. The fabric chicken is one my grandmother made that I would carry around as a child. I have a picture of me and the chicken at the age of 4 that I will scan and share with you at a later date.

My computer desk that I found along the side of the road. It's top was split in two, but that was easy to fix and then painted it red. I think it use to be a vanity table. Yes, there are even FQ in the pull out drawers. Was just looking at the FQ in there and found an orange that I could have used in the OP quilt and some old bloom fabric.

I think I am going to arrange the room in a u-shape with the computer and sewing machine across from each other and the ironing board at one end. I am also thinking of adding on to the teachers desk with an extension leaf that will fold down when not in use.

I hope to get this done on my next couple of days off. I will post "after" pictures.



  1. I have an Arrow cabinet...not as large as the one you showed...and I love it. I think mine opens out to around 64 inches. I got mine a few years back and got it in white so it would look fine when closed up in the bedroom where it "lives" amongst the white furniture that my granddaughters use when they are here. Nice thread-holder and the refinished dresser is lovely!

  2. I need to send you my Partner!! He is fantastic at organsiing spaces, :o) promise to send him back!!!!

    Can't wait to see what you do, and that special pic you promised!

  3. I love that cabinet- I'm going to have to look up the company...
    great sewing areas- mess and all :)


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