Friday, April 3, 2009


I spent yesterday rearranging and organizing the quilt room. I not only did it once, but twice because I did not like the layout the first time. I promise I will take some after pictures as soon as I get the room the way I want it. I think I might move things one more time. They always say the third times a charm. With things moved around I have a lot of blank wall space and need to make some new curtains. Maybe I could do a design wall or hang some of my smaller quilts. Might work it out to where I could do both. Any one have any great ideas on how I could make a design wall? I live in an apartment so I can not go drilling into the walls.

In my You Give me Fever blog post, I told you about a fabric chicken that my grandmother made and I used to play with as a child. This is the chicken made out of red and yellow calico fabric.

Keep in mind this chicken is about 36+ years old. While the normal life span of 6 - 8 years is most common. Did you know that a male chicken has no penis?

Here is a picture of me around age 4 with my grandmother Lela and the chicken. I was just so darn cute back then. What the hell happened?

I have a quilt made out of this same fabric a picture can be found here. Maybe this is where my love for quilting come from... A chicken.

And I will leave you with this picture:
I would guess Thanksgiving age 4. I had a thing for legs even back when I was so young.



  1. I found that the reverse side of a plastic tablecloth (the kind with the flannel-like stuff on the back of it) can be thumbtacked to the wall with the flannel-like backing outward...and I can put quilt blocks on there and use it as a design wall. That only makes teeny tiny marks with the couple of thumbtacks, so maybe you can try that. It works fine for me. Can't wait to see the finished quilting room!

  2. I just saw a great portable design wall at Applique 'n Patch Quilting's blog that might be perfect for you. You can see it at

  3. I love the family history and the pictures of you as a little boy. I see some changes, but you still look a lot the same.

    I love the fact that you kept the chicken that your grandmother made for you.

  4. i made mine out of those foam core display boards...i bought the biggest ones (at office depot) covered them with white flannel and put them on the wall with small nails...they're so light they don't need much to hold them up and they work like a charm. easy peasy and cheap too.

  5. I bought two of those 4X8 sheets of one inch thick foam insulation board from Home Cheapo, covered them with white flannel. They're big and clunky, but lightweight and can hide behind a door (sort of...) I use one for smaller stuff and both for big projects. I've been thinking aobut "hinging" them with some duct tape, but haven't done it yet. Most of the time the blocks just stick, but for big or heavy blocks, or rows, you can pin into this stuff. It's not pretty, but it works great.

  6. My mom made one of those chickens and my daughter used to play with it all the time. Wish I still had it, or even the pattern. Isn't there something in it go give it weight?


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