Monday, April 27, 2009

Want To Know

I've been thinking about this for some time now and I want to know some information from my fellow quilters out there. I'm going to be doing a series of posts asking some questions.

Today's post: Tell me about your sewing machine.
  1. What brand of sewing machine do you have?
  2. Does it have a good built in 1/4" stitch? Do you have to tweak it?
  3. Does it sew through thick fabrics? nine or more layers?
  4. What do you love about your machine ?
  5. What do you hate about it?
  6. If you were to buy another machine would you stay with the same brand you have now? If not, why?

Here are my answers
  • I own a Viking Platinum 755

  • I do have to tweak the built in 1/4" stitch, but with 25 needle positions I can always get the perfect stitch.
  • This machine has no trouble sewing through thick seams.
  • I love the top drop in bobbin and that I can wind the bobbin from the needle.
  • I don't really hate anything about my machine.
  • I think that I would stay with the same brand. I really like the Vikings. They have some great new features that I would love to have if I had the money.
Upcoming "Want To Know" topics are: thread, batting, rulers and fabric



  1. I don't sew much by machine but I love my Pfaff. It's an older one, a 1472. It has a great 1/4" foot and when I use it, I get perfect scant 1/4" seams every time. I've never tried to sew through more than 3 layers, so can't say anything about that.
    What do I love about my machine? The built-in dual feed. There's nothing I hate about my machine and if I were to buy another sewing machine, I'd definitely go for another Pfaff!

  2. All of my machines are Singer except 1 and it is a old Whites. All my machines are old except 1. The new one i use the most.yes 1/4" great. Sewing thickness is good except on leather.
    Love the quilting foot. The only thing i would look for in my next machine is more open area or longer area for sewing needle here <-------->sewing base here(or motor area).I love my machines can't really say anything bad about them.If they break i fix. Love the all metal parts. I am not into the new machines that have the computer stuff on them. I am old school less to brake down.I will stick with Singer. Thanks TxNana

  3. I have a Bernina Araura 440, and love it! although no built in 1/4" seam, the foot is very good and you can tweek the needle position if necessary. It will sew through layers, but I very rarely do that. I love the quality of stitches with this machine, there's nothing I dislike at all. If I were to buy another machine purley for sewing I would definately get another Bernina. Wish Bernina would listen and make a basic machine with bigger harp that isn't an embroidery machine! I also have a Juki 98P that I use soley for quilting on a table top frame. Purely straight stitch, but 1600 stitches/min, I have sewn with this one too when Berni was being serviced. The quality of stitches match the Berni, but the quality of all the feet and attachments are second to none. it does layers no problem, I love the thread cutter and the 9" harp, nothing to hate at all. definately would have another.

  4. if you like the 755 you'll love the Sapphire 870, with a full 10 inch arm, 29 needle positions, 4 presser-foot positions, needle up down button and wait, just wait for it...selective thread cutter with the touch of a finger. I love my 870, I own a quilt shop that sells Vikings but I wasn't in the market for a new machine when we started carrying them so I kept my Bernina that was until I was working on shop samples at work using the 870, after several screw ups at home on the Bernina I proclaimed to my DH, I need an yep I got one, and love it...and yes I had to buy it, no freebies for me.

  5. I primarily use a Viking Lily 540 - it's a great machine and I have rarely had any problems with it. The 1/4" foot with guide has been a great time saver. I also have a Pfaff 1475 which is a GREAT machine also. The Pfaff has that IDT which sews through anything...the Viking stitches can get irregular when going over the hump. I would love to buy a Pfaff Expression 3.0 - or the Sapphire 830 from Viking for the extra space. I also have a Little Gracie II quilt frame and have toyed with the idea of the Grand Quilter to use on it...I'm still learning that one. It's a big joke in this part of the world - all the Bernina snobs as we call them who love their Berninas. I would still buy a Pfaff or a Viking.

  6. I have a Bernina 440 and love it. I have only had Bernina's so really can't compare to other machines. oh wait, I have a Babylock embroidery/sewing machine in the closet that I would love to sell.... I just don't use it..
    I have a 1/4 foot with a guard that gives me a perfect seam. It goes over multi layers and I know cause I make a lot of purses, totes and diaper bags. I use it in a SewEzi ( table that is portable enough for retreats and vacation...
    I don't plan to upgrade, but if I did I would stick with Bernina.

  7. my machine is a cheap singer...i hate everything about it...especially the noise it makes...i use my mom's bernina whenever i can...the only thing i hate about it is how expensive it was and that it doesn't live with me 24 hours a day. i tweak the 1/4 inch so it's sews over's quiet and smooth. i never have tension issues. the only thing it needs is a longer throat and a bsr. i don't know if i'd buy a bernina...i don't have experience with other machines....they are a bunch of money, but may be worth it.

  8. i have a juki tl-98q. i love it. it has a great 1/4 seam. it sews through thick fabrics. i'll have to check how many layers sometime. :) i love that it's fast, it quilts great and i love the auto thread cutter. it's an all around workhorse. i love that it has a LARGE throat. i've quilted a king size quilt on it. and it worked! i don't care for the fact that it is a straight stitch only, but i mainly quilt, so it's usually not an issue. if i were to buy another machine (i have permission from my husband, just not sure if i want to or not yet.) i would consider buying a different model (but same brand) with more features, if it were avaiable. i know that if this one died i'd replace it with another one exactly like it.

  9. # What brand of sewing machine do you have? "Bernina Quilter's Edition"
    # Does it have a good built in 1/4" stitch? "HUH?"
    Do you have to tweak it? " How would I know" LOL!
    # Does it sew through thick fabrics? "Yes"
    nine or more layers? "I dunno, I only sew through three at a time. Flannels and wool work well too."
    # What do you love about your machine ? "it has a blanket stitch"
    # What do you hate about it? "everything else"
    # If you were to buy another machine would you stay with the same brand you have now? "NOPE!"
    If not, why? "It is soooo high maintenance. It's like a valley girl living on a farm. She just cannot take the heat around here!
    I like to use heavy threads and work with wools and flannels. Sew through fusible web and wool felt and then piece my next project...all within one machine tune up. Now, my machine thinks that every time she sews a penny rug she should go to the "spa" and get herself all primmed up and when I say she has to wait at least six months before I shell out another $80 for a tune up...well, let's just say she doesn't purrr. She rumbles for months until I take her in for her
    "treatments". UGH! She's a money pit!


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