Thursday, April 16, 2009

World War III

I left you with one word and a picture yesterday. I am sure many of you were shocked, confused or shaking your head as to why I would say that. For those of you that did not see yesterday's post, that word would be hideous and the picture was of the Amy Butler Midwest Modern quilt I made.

You would have thought World War III had started last night because of this quilt. No, I really mean that. This quilt caused a fight between me and my BH that just came out of nowhere. There is not anyone to blame for this fight. It's just one of those things that happened and we learn from it and move on. Here is how it went down.

I get home form work last night about 9:30 and watched American Idol on the DVR. Understand that my BH likes to relax and watch TV in the living room about 10 o'clock, but I was watching my show. Once I was done watching it I went and told him that I was done and the TV was his. "Oh, and before you go watch TV did you see the quilt that I just got sewn together it's laying out on the cutting table." BH said "why would I have seen it? I don't go into your quilt room when you're not there". I thought fair enough. I turned on the light to show him. I am all excited about this quilt. Grateful that I could take a miss cut and still make it all work out. You know really feeling good about myself. The BH did not say anything about the quilt , so I took that as a good sign. You have to know my BH to understand that. I started to asked him all kinds of color questions about the quilt and he would not answer any of them. What color thread do you think I should quilt this in? You think this fabric would be good for the border or do I loose it? Should I use it on the back and get another fabric for the border. That line of questions. Ones that most of the time he's more than happy to give his fifty dollars worth (inflation!), but last night he would not say anything. He just ignored me then walked out of the room. Now that was the wrong thing to do.

I walked into the living room and said you know how you want me to come and talk to you when I have a problem? I have a problem. You will not answer my simple questions. Then marched back into the quilt room and told him I wanted to be alone because you don't care right now and will not answer me. When have I ever helped you pick out thread for a quilt he said. I was pissed at this point and pulled out the thread that he helped me pick out the for the last quilt and threw it on the table and said this one. He said I just told you that it would work. That is all I'm asking for here right now is a simple yes or no. "Do you want to know why I haven't answered any of your questions about this quilt and have stayed quiet?" I told him "yes". "It's because I don't like this quilt. I don't like the colors or anything about it. Rather than hurt you, I chose not to say anything". Aw, now as sweet as that is. I would rather he tell me right up front that he doesn't like it. I am a big boy and can take it.

Yes, I was thinking to myself when the fabrics came in that I really did not care for them. I wanted to try something of Amy Butler's. It seems that everyone loves her fabrics. I thought I would give it a try. I think that woman has more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body, but this line was not for me. It did start to grow on me after the comments came in when I posted a picture of the cut fabric and the more I got pieced together.

I turned to him and told him I wish you would have told me this up font and there would not have been a problem. That is when he told me o.k., I think the quilt is hideous.

He did tell me that I should quilt it with a darker color thread because a light one would get lost. O.k., I think he is right. I am thinking a brown? What about you?

Tonight he told me that the picture I posted on facebook made the quilt look better than in person, because the flash made the colors stand out a little more.

The moral of the story is this. Tell me what you think up front. I really look up to my BH because he got the color sense that I wish I would have gotten. He can match colors like there is no tomorrow. I trust him 150% when it comes to that. Most men have trouble getting dressed in the morning. I love him for his ability to help me pick out my colors.


P.S. The border fabric is on the left. Should it stay or should it go you be the judge.


  1. I think since it is so "print heavy" I would go with a solid for the border and maybe bind with what you have for the border. The solid border would give the eye a place to rest.
    As for the quilting thread, I am inclined to a medium burnt orange or maybe a medium green just darker than that minty looking green that surrounds several of the diamonds.

    But then, it is easy for us viewers to give an opinion. So take it for what it is worth. Hopefully one of us will validate your feelings or spark your own idea.

  2. I like the suggestions Gene made...I would think a print border is too intense with the amount of prints in the main part of the quilt top.

  3. It's funny to read Gene & Pat's suggestions, because I clicked over from my Google Reader to say the opposite! The thing about Amy Butler prints, for me, is that are so graphic and bright and fun and, in my opinion, you just have to go with it! So while I can see the argument for a solid or muted border, I think you should go with the graphic print. Yes, it makes the quilt very busy ... but in an Amy Butler, contemporary, graphic, patchwork-kind of way. My feeling is that once you decide to go with it, just commit and go all the way! True, it's not for everyone ... but that's what makes the world go 'round.

    Sorry to hear about the tiff, but I still think your quilt is FAR from hideous. I love it!

  4. Oh Charlie! I hope you've made up, a quilt is not worth falling out over.

    As to the border, I'm with John, yes I see the argument for a plain, but I think you are getting that balance from the brown strips,I might be inclined to see what something that isn't quite so busy but still has the Amy Butler feel to it. But needless to say, I LOVE the border you have. How's that for confusing? hehe

    Quilting, I have a lovely shade of Masterpiece (colour 158) which is a cross between a golden brown and a burnt umber. Should I send it over ?

    Go with what feels right for you! You'll know.

  5. Border should stay...I agree with embracing the busyness...but bind with more of the brown to unify it all. Hope the storm has blown over! And I'd take Trudi up on her offer. Good luck and do share how it comes out!

  6. I love it and you can quilt it in any color and send it to me! LOL!


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