Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Getting ready to sew the binding on a quilt. I used 30 biding clips on one side alone. I need more clips. I'll show the quilt in a few days.

Binding fabric for three quilts. I'm in a brown phase.



  1. Um...I have always wondered why some quilters use so many binding clips. I use two. One a little bit ahead of where I am stitching and the other a little further on than that one. Since I press my binding from the front after stithcing it on, I have no trouble with it turning over easily...

  2. No binding clips in my house! And if I did, my DD would steal them for hair clips... lol. Love the browns, been through that recently, am on soft blues now. Looking forwrad to the grand reveal! come on Charlie, don't be shy!


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