Sunday, May 24, 2009


I used this quilt as my FIU (Finish It Up) for Pats group. Read more about it here.

Here is my Fresh Tradition quilt that I've been working on. He is just a little guy of 36 x 45, but he's so adorable. I quilted this one with my walking foot. I am finding that I can do lots with just a walking foot. Click on the picture and you can really see the quilting. I used a zigzag and a serpentine stitch.

I love this picture of him in the rocker, but his home will be on my blank wall in the quilt room. Click here to see his home.

Look what followed me home today. I still don't think I own as many as Carrie, but I am trying to catch up to her.



  1. LOVE that completed quilt, Charlie, and your quilting is wonderful on it. (Speaking of which...went to the Joann's this past Thursday and they do NOT have that Mary Mashuta book....*sigh*). OH....regarding the binding clips. I found out that if I get the hair clips like that which my granddaughters use (and can be bought cheaply at dollar stores and places like Walmart), they work JUST the same and I can get oodles of them for lots less money. If you need to add more clips to your collection, check that out in the hair accessory section of most any store....but dollar stores are the cheapest.

  2. The thought of you in the hair accessories isle is somehow, entertaining! Though I haven't worked out why! Congratulations ofn the Finish, he's lovely, I love the fabrics, I have a top waiting to be quilted in thos fabrics too. Great quilting, now you're getting the hang of it. Not so daunting after all! hehe

  3. lovely quilt, charlie. i'd sure like some of those binding clips too...i've heard the hair clips don't work as well, but they may be worth a try if they're cheaper.


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