Monday, May 11, 2009

Hanging Upsde Down

Look what showed up in our hallway.

The bats been in this spot for two days now. Not sure if it's hibernating or dead. I'm thinking it is hibernating, but it needs to go live elsewhere.



  1. Oh, are scaring me...first you get a raccoon to keep coming closer and closer to you in the DAYTIME and now you have been living with a bat in your house for a few days??? Get HIM (or HER)out....okay???

  2. he's not living in the house! he's out in the hallway of our apartment building....and he's gone now...and to be fair it was almost sunset when we ran across the raccoon.

  3. hey! that is my cousin garfield! just leave him alone and he will go away on his own.if you HAVE to move him, be sure to wear thick gloves, he doesnt bite but he will guano on you! (mauh) Liz


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