Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I see Stars

Did you have a great long weekend? Do anything fun? I worked on Saturday and Monday. Not much of a weekend for me. We did have a friend in from out of town and we all went to a Mobster theme birthday party on Saturday night. I thought the best part of the night was the blue cheese burgers or was it when the BH forgot we were going on vacation next week. Obviously, it wasn't the last part. hehe

This quilt looks so lonely hanging on the wall by it's self. Wonder want I could put up next to it?

Plaid fabric made into star blocks. What project will these be used in?

Lost is now found.

I found these in the entryway closet that I don't even remember being in. It's a good thing I go back in the closet every now and then. You never know what you will find.



  1. I'm glad you found your Bali Pops...I knew they'd turn up eventually. So where will you be going on vacation?

  2. How funny...I just found my bali pops, kiwiberry...now just need to remember why I was going to do with them..

  3. That Kiwiberry was my favorite colorway of the Bali Pops, too. Have you decided what you'll do with them?

  4. Oh they look yummy enough to eat.


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