Monday, May 11, 2009


Blue Spring Lake May 9, 2008

View of the lake

View of the lake

People fishing...they look so small!


More sailboats

More sailboats

This little guy liked my potato chips.

I think we'll call him Fred.

Getting closer.

Very brave, came up right by our feet.



  1. LOVE the photos but be very wary of raccoons who show themselves in daylight. They are nocturnal animals and the odds are extremely high that when they are out and about in the daytime, they are sick and rabid. They also aren't as afraid of humans most of the time when they are in that condition and will actually approach many times and will bite. (We know this as our area has had problems with raccoons and it seems to be getting worse lately.)

  2. What a lovely peaceful place, very serene :o)


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