Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost Seems Like Christmas.

How is your summer going? Mine has been wet. I'm sick of rain. All it seems to do is rain. Sun shine makes me happy. I think there is a song that uses those words.

I am hooked on reading blogs. I have something like 100 or more that I read and at times I find it hard to keep up. I have so many that I get to the point of never leaving a comment to let you know I was there. I only look at the pictures to see if I need to read the blog. I am bad, I know. Sorry. Life is just getting in the way. Tonight I checked out The Jelly Jabber from The Fat Quarter Shop (check out their Figgy Stars quilt kit. Love it!!!) and saw the new Crazy Eight Fabric from Sandy Gervais for Moda.

I love her bright colors. It really does not look like Christmas, but does that really matter? I have her Christmas fabric Merry and Bright from last year. I got it to make her Through the Woods pattern. I still have to get it done. I have about 50% of it done. It's on my list. Maybe I will play catch up when I have two days off in a row.

I've been playing around with EQ6 and drawing up a few of my own patterns. I just need to make them out of fabric and then get pictures and send them off to the magazines. Where ever will I get time to do that? I just need to make the time. If you follow me on Facebook you know I have been making 72 six inch nine patch blocks for the quilt pattern I am working on now. I am using a total of 26 different fabrics. I just love a quilt of color. I have all the blocks made, I just need to square them up and get them sewn into a top. I'm thinking this one would be jelly roll friendly.

A couple of days ago I was playing around and came up with this pattern. I am only showing a small sample as I don't want to give away to much of the pattern. Some out there may say I'm showing too much. I always say a little leg never hurt anyone.

Work will be crazy for a few weeks so I'm not sure when I will get another blog post done, but I will be back so hang in there. Feel free to post me a note on facebook, as I always check it. Click the link on the right to find me on facebook.



  1. Sometimes it seems like there's no time to leave comments on blogs. I was in that same stage for a few weeks but have finally started to leave comments again.
    I love that Figgy Stars pattern -- it would be pretty in so many different colours!

  2. Love your little teaser pattern. I really need to upgrade EQ5 (which I never learned) to EQ6 and learn to use it as I hear it's better and more user-friendly than EQ5.

  3. You're such a tease! Can't wait to see the quilt you're designing. I just finished a shop sample using the Crazy Eight fabrics. They are really nice colors.

  4. Busy, busy, busy! Yep, me too! Loving that design, can I do it in the brown and greens I picked out earlier this year, they were Charlie Inspired!


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