Thursday, July 2, 2009


I guess I'm just falling behind in everything I'm doing. I have quilts that are half done, 153 bog post to read, dishes that I've let set for three days (that task is now done), house that needs cleaned, books to take back to the library and binding to put on a quilt. How did I let that happen? It seems my list is just getting longer and longer these days. I never feel like doing these items once I get home from work. Perhaps I should get off my lazy ass and get these things done, but it's the lazy days of summer.

Pat Sloan blogged about a quilt that the Blackbird girls Alma and Barb are doing and I just love it, but I can't start another project now until I get a few of my own done. Isn't it just so darn cute!! It looks really easy to do if you like half square triangles. Which I do. It's even made with a jelly roll. I have a few of these laying around. I bet you do too. How fun is that? Check out their blog for the directions.

I got my copies of Love of Quilting and Quilter's Would magazine in the mail a few weeks ago and I've been looking them over. Not really seen anything that I want to make. Did anyone else noticed that right in the middle of the magazine is a catalog of woman's clothing? I'm not really sure how I feel about this. Not sure it's the right place to advertise this type of stuff. I think the magazine needs to be all quilting related. I guess I don't like this idea because I'm not a woman. There is one plus side to this and that is there are no bra and panties in the ads. Ya most men might like this, but me, not so much. Maybe with the downturn of the economy they need any advertising they can get and once things start to turn around maybe we won't be seeing this type of advertising. I for one sure hope we don't, but that's just my two cents.

I should wrap this up and maybe move on to a quilting project. I have some curtains that I want to get done. The blocks are finished and I just need to piece them all together and make some hang tabs. Sounds easy enough, but I'm sure it'll take me a few more weeks with the way I'm procrastinating.



  1. I second that wholeheartedly. It annoys me to see adverts non quilt related in Quilt mags. Over here, they put gardening in them sometimes or worse still....Aircraft..yukky yuk yuk.
    We should start a protest march...
    What do we want
    QUILTS and more
    What do we get
    clothing ads
    what do we want
    just quilts
    what do we get
    rubbish adverts.
    OK so it doesn't sing!! But I tried. :-) Jan in UK

  2. I have a big BAD case of the lazies, too. *sigh* I have so many things that are undone that I don't even know where to start to DO them......not just sewing projects but closets that need cleaning out...drawers......housework...yardwork, etc. Hopefully, I figure out where to start soon or I'll be overrun with clutter here!

  3. Oh c'mon Charlie, those women's clothing ads aren't as bad as the cell phones for seniors... talk about feeding the stereotype of little old ladies quilting. I'd bet $$$ it's just a matter of time before Depends show up, LOL!
    Oh, and I can so relate to that ho-hum, totally unmotivated feeling. My excuse is it hasn't stopped raining in NH for days so I am just "under the weather"... if the sun comes out tomorrow I'm going to be in deep POOP because I am not feeling the lovin' of crafting this week, LOL!

  4. Hey, Charlie. I'm also in a slump. But mine is because I want to do too many things, and last week, I started yet another new project that I don't have time for. I guess it could be worse. I could be one of those people that has no reason to get up in the morning instead of too many reasons. Of course, all I want to do is quilt and not clean. But, into all lives, some cleaning must come. Take care. Lane

  5. I just read about that quilt this morning on the Blackbird blog. I am tempted to start one too but I have a million things going already. But that is the life of a quilter right?
    I'm sure Matty would agree with you about the clothing ads. That is a stereotype in quilting that really is changing. Maybe someone needs to start a mens quilting mag. :)

  6. Way to go Charlie! I love a good rant, and this is definately where I agree with you. I HATE all those stupid, unrelated ads and inserts. It drives me insane! I agree with Jan, Protest, complain!

    As for the procrastination, you will reach a point where you just do it. And it will be soon! I'm with Quiltfool, I'd rather quilt than clean, but sometimes, even that gets the better of me! And I procrastinate no more! Hope those curtains are coming along nicely :o)


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