Monday, July 27, 2009

Walk Your Way Into Quilting

Several of you have asked how did I do the quilting on the Whirlygiggles quilt, and simply put, I chose the serpentine stitch on my machine, put on a walking foot and quilted straight lines ever so far apart both directions. I'm here to tell you if I can't do it with a walking foot then I ain't doing it. I have found that I can do most anything with a walking foot. Most people think you can only do a straight stitch. Well let's just get that out of our heads right here and now. You can do any stitch your machine has with a walking foot. I would suggest you try it out to see how it looks first. Remember that some stitches take longer to stitch out than others. I was doing a stitch on the border of a wall hanging and it took me like 20 mins to go around four sides. I said the hell with this and stopped at one row of stitching. Yes, it would have looked nicer with 3 or more rows, but this guy is not doing it. The wall hanging was just for me and I really did not care that much.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, get the book Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta. It's a MUST for anyone that does not like free motion quilting. I did a post on the book here.

I've quilted this quilt here with a walking foot and I think it has turned out great.

Click on photo to see quilting close up

No, it would not win a quilt show, but I did not make it for a quilt show. I would send out the quilt to be quilted if it was for a show. Well, maybe not with the luck I'm having with quilters. See a few posts back to hear all about that. I'm not going there again for a while. Well not 'till I have a homecoming story for you. Fingers crossed, even toes.

I know we all have quilts tucked away that need to be quilted and I'm here to tell you to get your butt in gear, put on the walking foot and get them done. Be sure to send me picture of your finished quilts.

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Hmm, wonder what these will be used in?


  1. Oh my...u do put woman like me to shame. I don't do quits but I know how to admire them. :o)

  2. Nice to see you found your quilting mojo! Love that cheddar! Ooooh , tell me pleaaaase ?

  3. Hi Charlie, having a guess at a pinwheel block that interlinks and makes a secondary pattern.....

  4. Yep I'm with you Charlie, no walking foot, no quilting. I've tried those darning feet and I hate them, give me a walking foot anytime.

  5. Charlie
    You've given me inspiration. I am no good at FMQ. The darn thing seems to run away with me. Goping to get my walking foot out NOW!!!

  6. Hi Charlie, am back again, I have to own up I cannot use a walking foot, I do all my quilting with the little darning foot, the little horseshoe one, I love it. Tried a walking foot, drove me nuts. Was interested to see you can use it for all the stitches though, I was under the impression that as you said, only straight stitches could be used with it. Just shows, you are never too old to learn!! Jan


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