Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three Trips to the Fabric Store

I've been very busy this week. My list of things to do has gotten a lot smaller. The car is all taken care of. I still have to get the oil changed, but will do that tomorrow on my way to the state fair. Yes, I will bring lots of pictures back to share with you. I got lots of quilting done this week. That is, I got it done after three trips to the quilt shop. I had to get fabric for 3 different projects.

Seems that I need to have something always in the works. I know I've got projects in bags stored away that are only half done, but who wants to work on them when there is something new and exciting that can be done. Maybe it is the thrill of buying fabric, seeing my good friend who is the shop owner (She always gets me the right fabric to make my quilts pop and she can make me laugh) or spending money. Not sure what it is, but I do enjoy starting a new project. I do get some of them done. Take a look at my photos under quilts on facebook and you will see some of the ones that I've gotten done. In fact here is one that I finished just this week. This one is just so darn cute. I love everything about it. After it spends some time at work it's going on my wall in my quilt room.

Glad I pulled out the green and not the other colors.

Close up of the blocks.

I really like this block and it shows off the quilting. This quilt did not call for much quilting as the embroidery needed to be the main focus. All the quilting was done with a walking foot. Have you gotten your walking foot out and tried some of those stitches yet?

Remember this quilt? I'm quilting it with my walking foot. I'm going to do a pinwheel type of design on it and something else. What? I don't have a clue yet. Maybe diamonds. Just not sure.

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You always know that when you don't hear from me for awhile, it means that I'm cooking up something good for ya.

So what the hell am I up to now? You will just have to wait and find out. I might use some of these in my project or none at all. I just know that I'm using homespun fabric in this project.

Fabric for a Qubee Quilts original quilt. The cream on the right has "love is" printed on it. These fabrics are just so romantic. The roses are from Robyn Pandolph Christmas line called Roses de Noel. There is nothing Christmas about this line other than the colors and the name. This is a great year round collection. This line would be great to use in a wedding quilt.

Busy. busy busy. Keeps me out of trouble. Sort of.


  1. That is a nice quilt and great looking fabrics. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. Hey, Charlie. That quilt looks great! And, I can't wait to see what you have in store for the homespuns. I've been collecting a few here and there, but haven't come up with a project yet. See ya' Lane

  3. OOOOOOO....I do love that green and pink quilt with all the embroidery on it. If it ever gets tired of living at your house, I promise I can give it a GREAT home!!!

  4. Great little quilt Charlie, real sweet! And I just LOVE those christmas fabrics, scrummy! But only 3 trips?

  5. Hi Charlie, Oh I love that Green one, it would look perfect in my sewing room, really it would. Trust me Charlie lol x
    Now the homespuns, hmmm is there a clue in what you are saying, I see the word WEDDING, hmmmmmm my mind is racing Charlie. Put us out of our misery!!! pretty please.
    Jan across the pond.

  6. Hi Charlie - Just found your site today and love your blog! Great pictures and quilts. Keep it up as it's very iteresting.

  7. Hey Charlie I LOVE the quilt. You just keep getting better and better. Love Mom

  8. Charlie.
    Send me that Robyn Pandolf fabric and no one will get hurt. ;)


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