Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nothing New

It's been quiet here on the home front. Not a lot going on. Work, work, work, but you did not come here to hear about that.

I've not started anything new yet and I've not even worked on the projects I have started. What have I been doing you ask? That's a good question. I don't even really know myself. Facebook is taking up some of my time. That darn Mafia Wars and Farmville. I need some black sheep if you're playing farmville.

There is a new project that I want to start, but have not yet. I think it would be quick and easy, it's from Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

It's a quilted tree skirt, but I think I'm going to make mine into a wall hanging with two of each block and use my left over fabric from Merry and Bright by Sandy Gervais for Moda.

pictures from Tallgrass Prairie Studio.

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  1. Nice to hear from you... Can't wait to see your wall hanging. I'll see if I can't get you a few black sheep.

  2. Hey, Charlies....guess what? I got my own copy now of Foolproof Machine Quilting...didn't use the technique yet but will...looks good. I am having major sewing machine problems I'm trying to straighten that out at the same time we are undergoing major home repairs from the damage done by a big, 70-foot tall falling tree. *sigh*

  3. Hey, Charlie. That wallhanging sounds like a cute idea. One of my first quilts was a tree skirt made of large diamonds. Still use it and it still looks good, but I used packaged binding and somehow bought two different colors and not being experienced, I used them thinking it wouldn't matter. Now that I've got some experience, it really jumps out at me every time. But, not going to make another one for just that. Take care. Lane

  4. You came up for some air! The wall hanging sounds fun, looking forward to seeing it, with autumn coming fast I guess you'll be back at the machine more. Just gotta beat that FB addiction! LOL

  5. you could whip this up in a night or two! Can't wait to see it. hope all is well!


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