Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Kind Are You?

I'm still working on the flying geese. I had to wait a few days to get the background fabric and it just showed up last Wednesday . I spent some time cutting a yard and a half into 2 1/2" squares. Now to sew them all. When it's all said and done I'll have 336 flying geese. I'll let you know once I have the geese done if I think they're still cool. Maybe I am asking for it doing them this small. We will see.

What kind of quilter are you? What colors do you gravitate to?

I'm a traditionalist with a twist. I don't like to do things that I have seen done a hundred times before. Most of the time I come up with my own patterns. I know this may sound bad, but I like to look at a pattern and make it my own by changing a few things. I very rarely buy a pattern. Am I cheating people out of money by not buying their pattern? Maybe, but why spend money on something that I can just look at and know how to make. Yes, they have taken the time to come up with the yardages for me, but I don't want it that size or change it in such a way that the pattern does not end up working for me. You might say I want it just like that, but different. I have always done things a little different than everyone else. I march to the beat of my own drum. Everyone could be going "one, two, three, four" and I'm going "three, one, two, four". Some call it being a little off in the head or taking a ride on the short bus.

Most of the time I'm a medium to dark kind of person. Love the medium to darker colors. There are a a few times that I get on a bright kick. You know everyone needs to think out side of their comfort zone sometimes. I'm also a very matchy match person. I like to match colors closely to other and make everything blend in. They blend in so much that they are sometimes blah. They just don't have that pop factor. This is where my BH and quilt shop owner come into play. I pick out fabric and they tell me yes or throw it out. Sometime I swear they take sides with one another and team up on me. If I'm hem hawing about a fabric choice one of the two will take the others side just to get me to pick a fabric and get the hell out of the store. Don't you find you can spend hours at the quilt shop? Once the quilt is done I step back and look at the fabric choice and sometime say damn they were right with their fabric choice. It would just not have looked right with what I had chosen . I wish I had their gift of color!

I did order some more fabric for another project. I know, I know I have not finished the last few hundred quilts I have started. Here are just a few I have in the works. Does it still count as a project if I've only bought the fabric for it? I'm not even going to count the tops that I have waiting to be quilted.

I'm going to use up an old jelly roll that I have laying around collecting dust and needed to add just a little more fabric. It's Basic Grey/Urban Couture and I ordered a charm pack of this line and a Moda brown solid. You might have seen this pattern on other blogs. Right now I can't remember where I saw it. I did like it and wanted to make my own. Might change it up a bit more before it's done.

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I did get an E-mail from Amber and she said she would have my quilts at my parents house sometime after 4 today. she has been under the weather and had the flu. I'll keep you posted.

Update: Just got a text message from Amber and she now needs to drop the quilts off tomorrow or Tuesday afternoon.


  1. If you're marching to the beat of your own drum, lets start a drum line. I too look at patterns and twist it a little. As for the short bus, grab that helmet charlie and join the rest of us!!! Glad to hear Amber is returning your quilts, musta been a hell of a bug she had...

  2. Just had to comment on your plan for the moda jelly roll.... love the chocolate brown mixed with the colors. That is going to look fantastic. What a relief about your quilts! I'm really happy to hear you will be getting them back!

  3. Hey, Charlie. I usually buy the pattern, but then I make changes. Or, I'll see a picture and create my own pattern. I also see lots of patterns for bed size quilts and don't need another of those, so I'll cut it in half. I'm also a medium to dark person and use little light and only use brights on quilts for other people. Love the brown to set off the colors in your upcoming project. Take care. Lane

  4. Hey Charlie, talk about great minds!!! I have strips and squares cut for my own version of Crazy Mom Quilts quilt, I loved it when I saw it. The brown is going to look awsome! What am I, mmm, eclectic I think try most things, not really a pattern person, but love books, but also will see something and work out my own way to make something along those lines. Colour wise, not really a brights person, but hey, never say never! Glad you are getting your quilts back, hope they arrive home safely!

  5. Hi Charlie, I have made that design so many times, I call it Cobblestones, our market used to have cobblestones and when the chap retired from it who I used to buy my fabric from, many years ago now, I made it for him in all his fabrics. Great fun to make, quick and effective.
    I agree it is nice to put your own 'stamp' on quilts, even better to design your own. Good for you.
    WOW, she has been in touch. Bout time, as Greg says, one hellova bug for her. You will need to disinfect your quilts as they will have been subjected to such a bad bug.........yeah right!
    Hope she turns up. Complete with apologies, in my dreams!!!!
    best wishes to you Charlie, Jan in uk

  6. So did you finally get your quilts? I hope so!

  7. OMG! Call me dim but you know I would have never thought to make that quilt with a charm pack and a jelly roll...DUH!
    Yes, I'm one of those that needs a map to drive in a straight line and needs a pattern for every project but I just realized how little I work at "figuring it out". My sister is like you; in fact we were just chatting about that and she said the same thing you did...why buy the pattern if I can just figure it out by looking at it? LOL! The quilt top would need to have Post It notes stuck to it for ME to look at it and figure it out, hahaha! I better just stick to buying the patterns; especially now that I realized that quilt could be made up with a jelly roll and a charm pack, LOL! Embarassing!


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