Thursday, December 31, 2009

3/50 Project

The 3/50 Project

Click on the link above and find out what this is all about. This is a great project!! Please support your local independently owned shops!

What independently owned shop would you miss if it were to close? Please post a comment telling me why you would miss this local shop. I will draw one person to randomly win a great quilting related gift.

Guess what independently owned shop I would miss and the first person to get it right will also win a quilting related gift.

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Prize to be drawn January 10th 2010


  1. I'd miss Aunt Sadie's quilt shop in Winchester Ks. I know I should spend more time and money there but with their limited hours (Fri thru Sun) it's kinda tough to fit it in my schedule. But when I do manage some free time off I go and drop at least $50 if not more on every trip.

    As for the shop you'd miss, considering she's holding your quilts hostage I'd say Coffee House Quilts. But then again would you care if she fell off the face of the earth?

    Hows that for an answer?

  2. I would definitely miss Sew What. I already wish they had longer hours so I could get there more often.

    I am guessing that you would miss the local sewing machine store that sells those lovely Viking sewing machines.

  3. I'd miss Wisteria Patchwork, my local quilt shop, Like Greg I always spend more than £50 each time I go, there's nothing like stroking the real deal!

    What would you miss Charlie? The local coffe shop that sells it's own mix of beans, and home baked cookies and cupcakes?

  4. DARN that Gene...he beat me to what I was going to say...of course, you'd most miss the shop where you work!!! LOL I'd miss Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro, Delaware. Google it to see what a great place it an OLD house and chock full of wonderful things as well as an atmosphere that is wonderful and QUILTY!!!

  5. I would miss Patches in St. Charles,Mo... I belong to a lovely Redwork Group there and this year joined their First Saturday group. I make it a point to buy most of my stuff there so it doesn't vanish...

  6. Charlie....from a local quilt shop owner...THANK YOU!

  7. Hi Charlie,
    You are so lucky to have a local Quilt Shop, even the town I live in doesnt have a shop that even sells fabric and cant get more local than that!
    I need to win the Lottery and maybe open my own, then I would miss me and mine!!!! Confused? So am I.
    Good luck to all in this comp comp.
    Happy New Year Charlie....maybe THIS YEAR will be the year you get your quilts back...she says....
    lol Jan in UK

  8. i'd miss sarah's in lawrence (thanks to greg for letting me know there is a shop in winchester)...that's not too far from me. it's so hard to buy fabric without touching it first!

  9. Found you through Greg who spoke highly of you on his blog. Your site looks wonderful and I will have to keep an eye on you and your talent.

    I would miss my local quilt shop called "And Sew It Goes". It is an antique Mill called Savage Mill in Columbia Maryland. I take classes there and in February I am signed up to learn how to use the long arm quilter. The ladies there are helpful and talented.

  10. I'd miss Ann's Fabrics and Sewing Machine Center in Canton, MA. While it is a great place to shop and take classes, just today I ran into someone I knew at the store, and we were talking about a mutual friend. She said that it's only during events at the store that she gets together with this friend and catches up because they don't live near each other.

    So just like in the days of the general store where everyone met everyone, my local quilt store still provides this function for a small segment of today's society. And I have friends who visit small hardware store to have the same experience.

    My downfall is my local quilt shop is walking distance, and when I worked from home, I could walk over during my lunch break and check out the fabrics and notions.

  11. I am guessing Quilters Station and RITA!!! I have never been there, but hope to get to Primitives of the Midwest after we move closer...


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