Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Beginnings

The holidays are coming to a close and a new year is dawning. What do you have planned for the coming year? For me it's just simple things. I hope to get my quilt room clean, get more quilting done (pieced and quilted) and spend more time with my BH. This January will be five years since I met him and in our life that is a milestone, but more on that in another post.

Santa did not bring me a camera for Christmas, but that is o.k. I still have a few gifts coming. With all the snow that we got here in the Midwest on Christmas day and me having to work, I was not able to celebrate with my parents. I hope to get to see them this weekend. The short of it is, I should have a camera in a couple of weeks. Yeah, look for lots of pictures to come.

Have you seen the one seam flying geese yet? If not, then head over to the Quilt and check it out. I want to make some geese now, but should I really start a new project? I think I should start/finish the others that I already have on my plate.

Has anyone else noticed that a few designers are giving us a sneak peek at their new Christmas fabric lines coming out this Spring and to think we just got this year's Christmas over with and now they are wanting us to think about the next one!

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  1. 分享的朋友,在精不在多,分享的幸福就在下一秒..................................................

  2. Don't ya just love those geese! And we Brits taught Ricky Tims something! LOL The new year brings new adventures, new goals and loads of new and not so new finished quilts! Happy New Year to You and Yours Charlie!

  3. Those are super cool flying geese! I've never seen that technique. Thanks for the link.


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