Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sale?!

Today's purchases. Did I really need them? No, but they were cute and only $1 per. Prairie Point Quilts was having their Super Bowl Sale today. Where they had FQ's on sale. $25 for 25 and $1 there after. Their classroom was full of FQ's. I would say they had close to 3,000 cut and when I left I would guess that maybe only 500 remained. Their classroom was jam packed with people and I just pushed my way through to get what I wanted. Most of the women were afraid to skooch around someone, so I took them by the hand and led them. Long as you say excuse me, sorry and say it with a bright cheerful voice you can get away with most anything. My BF did make a comment that these women were crazy. He was just going by what they said. And yes, some of them were CRAZY. It takes all kinds to make the world go round. We quilters are not all from the same cloth.

As for the other item I did need that. You see, I dropped my phone in a day old cup of coffee and it no longer worked. This would not have happened if I could learn to put up my coffee cup when I'm done. I guess you could say I had a Blackberry and cream. I told Sprint they could suck it and went with At&t. I was tired of all the dropped calls. I do live in Kansas City the same town as their world headquarters. One would think the service would be great, but you would be wrong.

I have some BIG news coming. Be on the look out.

Until next time,

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  1. You lucky guy you... $1 a FQ?.. Damn... If I'da known I'da called you but then again I don't have your number, unless its 7.. :)-

  2. Great shopping haul! A veritable rainbow of FQ's, and what a price!

  3. Oh my a dollar a FQ talk about making Turning Twenty heaven. I am envious and at the same time so very happy you got in on the deal!!!!

    Have fun with the fabric, and be sure to share what you use those luscious fabrics for:):):)

    Ann Flowers

  4. Fun and more fun! I have AT&T but I don't have an iPhone. I got a iPod Touch last fall and it is awesome. If I have wi-fi, it is even more awesome. They are the same iPhone/iTouch except you have a phone and a camera in yours.
    I have all sorts of games, book readers and handy apps. (I love the iBird app for bird watching from the window)

  5. Love...Love...Love my iphone....


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