Saturday, March 6, 2010

All We Need Is Love

Head on over to the Pickle Dish and read about Edie McGinnis' new favorite tool.  Is this a great idea or what?  I'm not much for using freezer paper for appliqué,  I'm more of a raw edge kinda guy.  With raw edge appliqué, it does tend to fray but I'm okay with that whimsical look.  I'm not sure if the hole punch will cut fabric: I'm thinking if it will cut four layers of freezer paper it should cut fabric.   I'll have to take some fabric and go to scrapbook section at work and give it a try. Might need to put Heat 'n Bond on the back before cutting as this will make it stand up better.  There are many hole punches and they come in many different shapes and sizes.  That has given me an idea for a quilt border...

It's amazing where ideas come from.  Let me know what tool you like to use for quilting that was meant for something else.

Have you been to Facebook lately and seen the latest creation from Qubee Quilts entitled "Love"?  This beauty was qulited by none other than Matt Sparrow.

Qubee Quilts now has a fan page on Facebook.  Become a fan today.    

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  1. I love the quilt.. Great job on it... That Sparrow guy really does nice work.

    I'm now a fan on facebook too!!!

    Do I smell a free pattern give away or do I need to change my socks???

  2. Now, I'm gonna get distracted to my scrapbooking stuff all over again with new eyes! Great tip, I wonder if my Cricut will cut fabric? Hmmm...

    Love the quilt Charlie, its gorgous! And Matt did a fantastic job of quilting it, I hope you are thrilled with it too :) Heading over to FB now :)

  3. I am thinking iron on the freezer paper first then punch the circles and they are ready to go. (in your case, iron on the fusible before punching, uh....yeah just like you said. BUT if that isn't stiff enough you could use the freezer paper to make it easier to punch. (maybe)

    the quilt looks great!

  4. you and Matt make a great team...


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