Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fabric Love

I need to know.  When you go fabric shopping is there one fabric manufacture that you gravitate to over others?  This is the question I'm asking over on the Qubee Quilts fan page on Facebook.  

For me it's Moda. I know that my quilt will be amazing when it's done. Love the feel of the fabric , that the solids look like suede and how large the collections are. I can pick just a few pieces or all of them and know that it's perfect. Jelly, charm and layer cakes are fun too.  These little guys are a great way to get some fabric without dropping a ton of money.  I love to design quilts with collections.  I love a scrappy quilt.  The more fabric the happier I am.  I have always found it amazing that we quilters take large beautiful pieces of fabric and cut it into smaller pieces just to sew it back together, but then again that is why it's called quilting.  

 Until next time,

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