Friday, April 2, 2010

Machine Friday: Whoa Nelly!

A lady walks in the shop a few days ago bringing her machine with her and she proceeds to tell me that her machine is acting up and not stitching right.  "It will not make a straight seam no matter what I do", she said.  I had her set her machine up and got some fabric for us to sew on.  I asked her if she would show me how it is sewing.  She takes the fabric puts the peddle to the metal and away she went.  One would have thought she was drunk when she was sewing.  Her stitch was all over the place.  I pushed one of the buttons on the machine and had her sew again, but this time around she was able to sew in a nice straight line.  She said "Wow! How did you do that?"  I told her, "I just hit the speed button on your sewing machine to slow it down.  This way no matter how far on the foot peddle you press your machine will not go above a certain speed."  "I never new my machine even had that on it." she said.  I asked her if  she had ever taken her owner classes, and she said "No, I have been sewing for 40 years."  I asked would you like to sign up for a class to learn about some of the amazing things your sewing will do for you?  Signed her up and sent her home happy.

Machine speed is slowed down

Yes, just by slowing down a bit when you sew you will get straighter stitching and it will help keep your threads from becoming a tangled mess. 

If at all possible, reduce the speed of your machine by a button or a knob.

I am a peddle to the metal type person and my sewing wouldn't be so precise if it was not for my speed control.  You may think that you don't need to use the speed button because you can control it with your foot, but the longer we sew the heavier our foot gets, and before you know it the speed has creeped up on you. 

How does speed affected your stitching?  Head on over to quilter's daily to join the blog along...

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  1. thanks for another great post...I'm sharing your blog over at my blog today...go take a look...

  2. I use the speed control to slow down when I am doing something "fussy" but I really like FAST! hehehee I know that slower is more precise. When I see that I am 'wavering' I slow it down with that slider on my machine.

  3. Kelly Ann sent me here...happy to have found teach me something....;-) Oh, that's just did!

  4. *grin* Oh I used to be so fast, till I learned slow is better. Now that little slider gets used all the time! Thanks for a great post Charlie!

  5. Love this hint... I finally got a machine with speed control and love it....until I wind a bobbin on r-e-a-l s-l-o-w and then wonder why I can't get it to go faster... lol

  6. My machine is designed to be pedal-free (although it does have one) and I love it because it maintains a constant speed. I find that I on the average, I'm sewing much slower because I have to push the stop button and reaction time for that is longer than just taking your foot off the pedal. Great tip today! Thanks!

  7. Thank you so much for this tip. I tried it last night when I was practicing free motion quilting, and it made such a huge difference!! I had so much more control!! Thanks!


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