Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pay Attention To Me!

Clyde Frog here, the official mascot of Qubee Quilt as I have been dubbed.  I thought I would sneak a post in just so I could show off while Charlie is off quilting on one of his upcoming quilts.  He does not spend much time with me anymore and that means I get the whole couch to myself.   It seems his sewing machine is getting more love than I do these days, but I am o.k. with that.  When he is done I will have myself a new quilt.

That Charlie loves to show off his stuff, but what about me?  I need some page time too.   If you want something done you have to do it yourself.

I was in the kitchen looking for a snack and to the right of the stove what did I find but a camera.  I was thinking that was an odd spot to leave a camera, but not in this house.  It was right were it should be.  I thought I would play around and take a few pics of myself to share with Charlie's readers since he never has any friends over.  It seems that his friends are all on his phone.

We were having great weather and  I thought I would set out on the balcony.

 Here I am with my reading glass on.  Do they make me look cool?

 Me playing X-Box.  Charlie does have some cool play toys for me. 

  Taking all those pictures has just wore me out and I'm getting ready for a nap.  

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I showed myself off a little bit, but attention has been a little sparse lately!

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts...

Clyde Frog


  1. Mr. Clyde Frog...I think Mr. Charlie needs to make you a quilt...just sayin'....

  2. Mr. Frog's quilt should be made with Shoo-FLY blocks! ;)

  3. LOl! Happy Easter Charlie and Mr Clyde Frog!

  4. Clyde, you are adorable. You definitely need more 'face time' on the blog. (Lol!)


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