Monday, June 7, 2010

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Quiltposium summer edition

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  1. Loved the article! I was just flipping through and spotted Clyde and recognised him right away. I desided to stop and read your article. It is to bad that you found 2 bad apples in the quilt guild world...but don't let that get you down because there is a whole orchard out there! I look forward to future posts, quilts, and insparation.
    PS. I am a very bad speller also!

  2. Terrific article -- thanks so much for writing it. I am ashamed and horrified that you found such sexist women in those guilds; my guess is that are of an age where they should have known better, having been involved in fights for recognition/equal pay etc. themselves. I went on my first-ever retreat this past weekend -- there were young and old and in between, but no men unfortunately. There was a single supplement if you didn't want to share a room. What on earth did they think you would do on the retreat that was any different to what the women did? At our retreat we laughed a lot, sewed a lot, learned a lot, ate way too much good food, and generally had a great time with our fellow quilters. Having male quilters there wouldn't have made one bit of difference to the enjoyment and confidence we got out of it.


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