Friday, July 9, 2010

Machine Fridays - Ruffler

The ruffler creates tiny pleats or gathers in light and medium fabrics.  A ruffle can be quickly made and reached in one step or you can simply gather a single layer of fabric.  The ruffler actually pleats the fabric.  Since the depth of the pleats is adjustable, it is easy to achieve a gathered look.  This foot is wonderful for creating ruffles or pleated fabric for clothing, pillows, sheets, curtains, etc. 

The flat pleat lever at the front of the ruffler will allow you to adjust how often the foot will pleat.

1 = a pleat at every inch.
6 = a pleat every 6th stitch.
12 = a pleat every 12th stitch.
0 =no pleating.

Here is a simple piece of fabric that has the pleat lever set at 6 and taken with my iPhone.  I like the closeness and the death of the ruffles. 

If you own a ruffler and never played with it like me then I encourage you to get it and play with.  If you don't own one then you may want to go and buy one because I'm sure you will find a lot of uses for this foot. 

Angela of Moda Home Mom has taken the ruffler to whole new level with her Ruffled Jelly Roll Tablerunner over at Sew 4 Home.   I encourage you to make one of these quick and fun table runners and don't forget to share your finished project with Angela.  We all love to see each others work. 

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  1. I have worn out three rufflers over the course of 35 years. I use it more than the zipper foot on my machine. It can be regulated also by the length of the stitch. Best little tool around. chris

  2. WOW I didnt even know those existed! I want a camera strap with that!

  3. I love the ruffler and it's little brother the gathering foot. We've been rocking the ruffler for years around here!Best foot ever.


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