Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Proud Papa

 If you follow me on Twitter then you might already know this news.

I am proud Papa of a 15 pound miniature Schnauzer mix.  His name is Zeus.  We got Zeus from our local pound called Half Way Home.  He was the only dog that did not bark or run around when we were looking.  Because of that we did not think he was still a puppy.  He is around six months old.  

Zeus is getting used to life around the house.  Definitely better than he was the day we brought his home, he was a little loopy that day.  

Zeus has already learned to jump on the couch and is a licker.  I just wants some lovin'. We have yet to hear Zeus bark.  He did take a look at himself in the mirror last night and start to growl.  That was kinda funny. 

Were going to try and not spoil Zeus, but with such a cute face how could one not help and spoil him. He's a  little princess. He slept in our bed for part of last night and did really well.  We're going to crate train him and his crate is about five times the size he needs!  I have a quilt I made in there for him to sleep with and he takes right to it. He not much of a crier yet.


Until next time,


  1. He is just adorable and needed someone to love. Enjoy!

  2. I love it when dogs are rescued!! He is awesome, and the names fits him because he looks wise beyond his years.

  3. What's there not to love about that face and those soulful eyes !! Love at first sight ...

    May you be blessed with many years of loving companionship, Charlie

  4. Awwwwe, he's such a cutie! Congratulations Charlie!

  5. The words not going to spoil and sleeping in the bed do not belong in the same post...just sayin...but he is stinkin' cute...

  6. What a sweet little boy. Puppies are so sweet. :D

    xo -E

  7. Gosh he is a handsome little fella. I can see why you can't help but spoil him. Go carefully though - one day you might be that couple chatting on your sofa to Caesar Milan!

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