Friday, August 20, 2010

Machine Fridays - Zipper Foot

The zipper foot E that comes with the Husqvarna Viking sewing machines can be snapped on the right or the left of the needle making it a breeze to sew on both sides of the zipper.  Move your needle position to the far left or right to sttich close to the zipper teeth.

Center Zipper

1. Baste the seam in which the zipper will be placed.

2. Open your zipper.

3. Place the teeth of the opened zipper (one side only) right on the seam line (wrong side of seam to right side of zipper.

4. Using a zipper foot baste this size of the zipper to the seam, stitching as close to the outer edge of the zipper tape as possible. Don't pin or otherwise secure the zipper to the garment at this stage. Just use your eyes and hands to keep the zipper teeth on the seam line.

5. Close the zipper.

6. From the right side stitch the zipper to the garment using the zipper foot. Start sewing on the side that has the basting and then sew the other side. Note that you have only had to baste one side of the zipper before you sew it to the garment.

7. Rip out basting stitches on the zipper and the seam.

8. Voila! perfectly centered. And so easy!

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  1. I need a video! If I can see it done, I can do it.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I agree with Gene Black that photos or even a video would be nice. I've always wanted to learn how others sew a zipper.


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