Thursday, August 26, 2010

Speed of Life

It seems that life is coming at me like a bullet train.  I'm not used to moving at the speed of life.  I want to slow down and enjoy a few things in life, but that not going to happen.  If I did, life would pass me by.

I went out shopping yesterday at a few junk/antiques stores and saw some cool stuff, but nothing that I was looking for.  I did find a few old metal/wood card catalogs.  If I had the room in my quilting room I so would have gotten one of them.  I love all the little drawers.  What would I put in them?  My craft does not use that many small items. Then I saw this small three drawer stand that I liked too.  It has to have a purpose before it comes in my small quilt room.  Unless it's fabric.  lol!

I have been on a solid kick and have designed two quilts from solids.  One from Kona Cotton and one from Cross Weave for Moda.

I still need to work on my Fresh Modern Bee block for Jolene.  She has chosen these as her fabrics.  I love these colors.

I'm off to get some work done.

Until next time, 


  1. OMGosh, that first cabinet is fabulous! But, alas, I too do not have need for all those little drawers, hummmm, well, buttons, threads, pressure feet, pins, embroidery thread, ok, I could figure out a way to use it! lol

  2. WEll, lets see, you could stack fabric on top of the first one and then put your small scraps in those drawers sorted by color!

  3. I definitely have a use for that first as I do a lot of handwork! :)

    Thanks for visiting me and commenting - please let me know what you find out from your machine repair guy.


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