Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AccuQuilt Go Giveaway!!!! Day Six!!!!

Wow, time sure does fly when your having fun.  This GO! system from AccuQuilt is amazing is it not?  Every time I go to the AccuQuilt Go! web site I learn something new.  I did not even know they made these. 

GO! appliqué dies and digital embroidery designs are a quilting Dream Team. The GO! Fabric Cutter enables you to cut appliqué shapes in seconds and digital embroidery helps you to create gorgeous designs in just a few minutes. The digital embroidery designs featured here were made specifically to work with GO! appliqué dies and are available in a wide range of file formats. 
A match made in heaven...Designer Embroidered Applique Meets AccuQuilt GO! Designer Sarah Vedeler has partnered with AccuQuilt GO! to create eye candy, embroidered quilts. This dream team removes the challenges of cutting applique and embroidering! The AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter makes cutting the applique shapes a breeze. Simply apply fusible web to your applique fabric, place the fabric on the die and turn the handle. Voila! The applique shape is ready to BE Dazzled!
It just keeps getting better all the time.  What's next?
Let meet today's sponsor  Lorna Shepard of Connecting Quilts 
Lorna Shepard is a quilter who does it all!  From pattern designer, custom quilt maker, teacher, lecturer, and long arm quilter, Lorna knows everything about a quilt from choosing fabric to hand sewn binding (invisible no less). Her favorite lecture is called the “Zen of Quilting” where every tip in the book is talked about from protecting yourself from your rotary cutting blade to making sure you take care of your body by stretching every once in a while – no straight 8 hour marathons for you!   With over 4000 quilt patterns, Lorna loves to quilt using her Gammill Long Arm with the Statler Stitch program.  
Wow would look at that quilt that Lorna has on the frame?   Lorna tells me that she just loves this quilt (I can see why)- and is very much into the craftsman era and the batiks are great. 

Go have a look around Lorna web site and let her know Charlie has sent you.  She has been having computer problems so I hope things get back to normal for her soon.   

Lorna Give Away Deal:  send a quilt (any size!) and get free batting!  We exclusively carry Quilter’s Dream batting.  Who could not use free batting after all them quilts were going to be making with our GO! 

Thanks Lorna what a great giveaway.    

Until next time,


  1. I love the idea of being able to make my own designs.
    Another thought is, if I had patterns with appliques, I could do them in the program, as well?


  2. Wow day six already?! That's a very generous giveaway by Lorna!

  3. For some reason my comment did not post. I learned something new too - did not realize that Accuquilt had embroidery modules to match appliques. Thanks for the post today.

  4. So, I found your blog because of the giveaway, but I had to write an additional comment after reading more and say, "Dude, you rock!"


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