Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do I need a Reason?

Before I do my post on Houston Quilt Market 2010, I wanted to share with you some fabric I got right before market. I know, I know, I'm a fabric whore, but I just can't help myself. Will I ever use it all before I die? Hell no, but it's fun to buy and look at. Was I nuts buying all this right before market? Yes, but you already knew that. Did I need any of this fabric? Yes, what a silly question. Do I have projects in mind for it? Some, but most no. Do I need a reason to buy more fabric? No.

Remix & Urban Zoologie
All Star 2

Kona Cotton
Mirage Jewel & bold/dark soild fat 8th
It's my bag from Houston Quilt Market, but what could be in here?
There is over 15 yards of fabric in these pictures. Yes, I have a problem.

Until next time,


  1. You are not alone, many suffer from the same sickness!

  2. Fabric whore, you made me laugh out loud Thanks I
    needed that this morning.

  3. I would have that problem is I had more money, lol.
    There is just too many beautiful fabrics out there and too many coming out.


  4. No, no, no, you don't have a problem, you addicted whore!! lol Love it!

  5. No you never need a reason...just a visa with enough credit on it to support you habit. lol

  6. No Charlie, you don't need a reason - just enough money left over to pay the necessary bills and maybe eat.

  7. Hell Yesssssss! You go buy ALL the fabric you WANT! What more is a well respected fabric whore to do! LOL (dare I say I had a little 'moment' myself!)

  8. Fabric addiction is a problem - one worth loving! What brand is the owl fabric, I love it.

  9. your friend, Gene, the Alabama fabric ho, just got a FQ bundle of that Mirage Jewel and a FQ bundle of Golden Afternoon and some yardage to "round out" the order and get free shipping.
    D@*^ those catalogs and online sales flyers. They feed my need and my addiction!

  10. email me on how to add those numbers by the comments. (please!)


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