Friday, November 12, 2010

Market Recap in Pictures

Score!!!! From Sample Spree last night It makes me happy
Yum yum. Then off to

New Urban Chicks from Moda

I want to take one of these home

I spy @ new fabric

I spy @ quilt

I spy echino

I spy Pirates by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake

OMG Riley Blake

I spy Timeless Treasures Tongs Treats

I spy Blake Quilting Veggie Patch

Double SCORE!!!!

I just met @ and @
Sorry no picture
Cute quilt from Spring Water Designs. Made on the GO!

Another cute quilt at the Quilt Woman Inc booth
Owls are the big thing this year

Doodle press booth

I spy more @ fabrics
I spy at the C&T booth
Nice from the Prym booth.
Look at me with all my fabric.
This is @'s haul.
Did you ask him to build you a new deck? RT @: Just saw Ty Pennington. He looks shorter in person.

They are too cute. @ & @
More to come.

Until next time,


  1. Great shots - thanks for sharing. I have never been to market/quilt show - but it is on my wish list for next year!

  2. Wonderful photos of the market.
    And lots of yummy fabrics.


  3. Isn't it amazing how two people can be at the same place and have 2 completely different takes on it! I missed some of what you saw completely. LOL.

  4. Great post Charlie, loving all the eye candy and all that wonderful fabric you hauled in! LOL

  5. Can't wait for the Riley Blake Pirate Fabric. Arrrrgh. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I loved seeing everything! Thanks for sharing!


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