Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mindless Sewing

I'm going to do some mindless sewing.   

That is what my facebook status read last night.

Here are two comments I got.  

  • Quilting is never mindless, imho! Quilting is art! Don't sell yourself short, Charlie!

  • There are times when mindless sewing is relaxing. After challenging yourself to better your techniques or tackle new and difficult patterns, mindless sewing can be very gratifying!

I agree that quilting is not mindless,but there are times when our brain can't take working on a new project or technique.  We just want to go back to the basics and do some sewing that we don't need to think about what we are doing.  Just get in there and lose our self in the task at hand.

We designers are being pushed to come up with new and original idea each day.  Quilting is an ever growing, ever changing medium were we have to think quick and fast on that new idea to get it out there.  Sometimes that can take a lot of of a person and we just want to set back and enjoy our craft and not always have to think about the business side of quilting. 

Last night I didn't do any quilting.  I went to work on my stacked coin quilt, but could not find the green sashing that I need to sew into it.  It's lost in my quilt room somewhere.  I spent the good part of 45 minutes playing with fabric and placing on my shelves.  Yes, this should of been done a long time ago, but life has just gotten in the way.  I wish I could say I'm an organized person, but I'm not.  I have piles of fabric here and there and everywhere.  I stop on one project to start another and there it sits.  Sometime I go back to the pile  and have forgotten what I was going to do with it.  I know now this ever happens to any of you.  lol

Flying geese is my basic mindless sewing.  I love how verstile they can be. 

What kind of mindless sewing do you like to do?

Zeus going for a car ride


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  1. Ah, gee I was feeling so guilty that my sewing room looks like a tornado went through it all the time. I try to clean it up , but I just usually re-arrange the mess. A coin quilt is on my list of do projects, I have a ton of 2.5 inch strips from an earlier project that I want to use . I just need to clear as space on my sewing table so that I can use my sewing machine .

  2. I can honestly say that all of my quilting is mindless, lol.
    I work on several projects and mediums, so if one gets to the point of irritating me, time to move onto another;)


  3. I am on a roll, finishing all the quilts that have been sitting in project boxes. Sewing is never mindless. The more fine motor skills you perform the longer you will keep your marbles (or so research shows us). Speaking of mindless sewing, please join our Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. I have only 5 more places.

  4. I have to think to some degree on all my quilting projects but some require more than others. Unfortunately, there are time when I just can't do any of it. Mindless is not necessarily thoughtless though.

  5. I know just what you mean, Charlie. I have half-done or at least contemplated projects in various spots too. I've taken to writing down what I think I want to do with various fabrics so I'll know next time I run across that group of fabrics - can't remember otherwise. I agree it's hard to come up with designs and follow through all the time and it's okay - maybe even necessary - to just sort through things or sew on something fun. I think it actually helps with the design process. Or maybe I'm just procrastinating :)

  6. Oh I have piles and piles! LOL And I flit from one to another project, but like Jackie has said, mindless is not necessarily thoughtless. I love a good strip pieced project of good ol' nine patch for the back to basics projects :) Happy quilting Charlie! Enjoy!

  7. Whoot whoot! I'm now following you and am your 1000 Facebook Fan!!! WTG Charlie!


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