Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Do you remember a time when my quilting style was this?

My stitch of fabric is based around it.

Now look at the where I am? I've done a 180.

This is the new Soul Blossoms collection by Amy. I'm still not a fan, but I'm forcing myself to use it. I'm thinking out side my comfort zone. I'm not into the big overpowering prints. When I do something with these I'm going to cut them into smaller pieces. I'm thinking around 2" in size. I am attracted to the colors of this collection not the prints. I will need to fussy cut my fabric to get the colors I'm going for, but I think it will be well worth my time. Don't go looking for me to start on this project anytime soon as my plate is very full, but I'm one that loves to plan quilts. I have lots of quilts that I have designed that I want to make, but I think I'm more in love with the designing part of quilting than I am in the getting in there and making it part. There is nothing wrong with that mind you. I know other people that are just the opposite.

Has your style changed since you started quilting? Are you attracted to the same color palette you once were? Leave me a comment and let me know. I find it amazing how we can start in one spot and end up in another. I never did dream I would be here, but I'm glad that I am.

There is still time to meet Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabric and get entered to win a FQ bundle of Modern Affair with some Nature Elements blenders. Check out the post here for a chance to win.

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  1. I'm definitely in a different place as a quilter than I used to be. When I started quilting back in '92, I put together a few kits and I was all about following rules. I also worked with plain calico and solids. Now, I stay away from those fabrics unless they're absolutely necessary and I love the modern prints, such as the ones from Art Gallery Fabrics ( the 'Sugar' line especially, though I know it's old) The only fabric I've bought that I didn't like was 'Soiree' by Lila Tueller. I'm working now with a lot of brights and seem to lean more toward precuts instead of spending a lot of time cutting fabric.

    Thank goodness we quilters DO change our style, or quilting would be very boring.

  2. Mine has changed! I think its more of...discovering designer fabric! I never really saw any fabric I liked before. I would go to the quilt stores and just see stuff that reminded me of old ladies, then one day I went to Hancock of Paducah's store and had no clue who Micheal Miller was but picked out some of his fabric, along with Tula Pink to make and finish my first ever quilt. I never actually finished a quilt before this fabric. I would always get too bored. I blame it on the colors! :)

  3. Mine has changed big time. I started out with a Folk Art flair and darker, muted tones... Now I am into solids and bright modern prints...and lots of white...

  4. I tend to lean towards darker colors, but I have a collection of brights and fun fabrics for art quilts.


  5. Absolutely! and more than that it changes throughout the year, every year.

  6. What an interesting question! I'm just starting quilting, although I've been sewing for a very long time. I'm curious to see how my quilting style develops especially since my fiance is now a fabric designer for Free Spirit.

  7. Oh Yeah Baby! Boy I am so far from where I started it's untrue! And like FabricsNQuilts it also changes throughout the year/season and also my mood :) Love the Amy fabrics :)


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