Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tea, Blocks & Fabric

John, aka, Quilt Dad was looking for volunteers to make him a quilt block for a quilt that he was looking to make larger. I raised my hand darn quick for this one. As you can see, John was looking for that wonky log cabin style. There is a name for this , but it escapes me right now. I throw in some Moda Cross Weave linen fabric for that wow factor. I just love this block. I hope you love it too John. It's going in the mail today!!

Quilt Dad Block

Look what I get to work with for our January Fresh Modern Bee block. It's some linen fabric and hand printed Organic cotton. I just discovered lien fabric for quilts and I'm in love. Not sure what I will come up with for my block yet as the style is wide open. Maybe I will do another wonky log cabin or wonky star. I'm into wonky right now.

Fresh Modern Bee - Janurary

Just a little gift I got from Ryan, aka, I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts. He saw the curtains I had made for my kitchen and sent me these great Tea Towels. Thanks. Don't look too close at the dirty oven.

Tea Towels

Until next time,


  1. Wonderful design and fun use of patterns on the fabric.


  2. I'm so glad to know someone else's oven looks like mine!! And your block is gorgeous!!

  3. Thank you Charlie for the invite to pinterest! Now i have to figure out what in the heck I do on that site - I'll get there, it took me a while with Flickr but I've got it now! Have a great weekend and have fun sewing Viv's luscious fabrics - I did!


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