Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well Wishes

I am officially caught up on most movies and even a few that I've not even heard of.

I'm taking it slow for the next few weeks, when you are close to death you realize that life is just too short. I'm going to get my heath back where it needs to be and then take care of myself. This has been an eye opener for me and all people involved directly in my life.

I want to thank all my twitter, facebook, blog friends for the continued support and well wishes and know that I get all your messages, and Thank You.

Until next time,


  1. Best wishes for a quick recovery--so you can get back to quilting! Get well soon!

  2. Charlie it takes time. Go real slow. I'm so happy you are feeling a bit better. There is no hurry for anything. Just get 100% better first.
    Love you loads
    Patti xxx

  3. Being close to death gives you a whole different look out on life that is for sure. You will learn to live your life to the fullest, and makes everyone around you wonder how you do it all. The dusting and dishes don't matter anymore ( well sometimes they do) but living life with loved ones always comes first. You can do it, take one day at a time.

  4. Hope you're feeling better every day ~ don't forget to take care of yourself first & watch lots of funny movies. Laughter is the best medicine!


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