Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just How Much?

I Want To Know

I asked the question today on Facebook & Twitter: Do you sew more or less this time of the year?

Here are some of the answers that I have gotten:

Liz Boswell more! as long as its light out side for good natural light to sew by, I am sewing!

Denise Wallace I sew a lot all year long

Kim Quinter I don't do heat and humidity any more than I do ice and snow. LOL (Love this answer)

Ann Marie Miller Voigt more, too dang hot and humid outside, these 4-5 months of the year I do as many indoor acivities as possible.

Audra Majors Less but I hope to change that. (I hope you change that too)

Becky Magner Beatty I get a lot accomplished this time of year due to more natural light, it gets too hot outside and my regular tv programs are reruns!

Jeanne Logosz less at the machine but more on the road and outdoors... redwork and applique. (there is that H (hand) word again - lol)

Wanda Horn I make quilt tops all winter long then use my long-arm to quilt during the summer months. The reason for this is my quilter is in a room without heat, otherwise I would sew and quilt all year round. (sounds like a good reason to me)

Janet Zilverberg Kopecky Less! I haven't sewn for 2 months--calving season. I'm going nuts without my sewing fix.

Patti Price Less, the sunshine draws me outside! Dark & rainy today YAY! (Dark & rainy in KC meant tornadoes for us)

I myself quilt about the same no matter what time of the year it is. If I get a wild hair or the bug bits me then I will quilt. Could that be why I have so many WIP laying around?

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It seems Kansas City was under the gun today for storms. We had to take cover at work for about 45 minutes. There were reports of 2 tornadoes that touched down in the area. They were brief and weak. The sun is out and shinning now. I hope the worst of it is over.

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