Tuesday, May 10, 2011


NO, were not going to talk about the TV show on TLC, but a blog and body overhalin'

I went & saw the pulmonary doctor yesterday & she reminded me again that I am so lucky to be here. She is also the same doctor that come & saw me in the hospital and would yell at me to get up out of bed & stop feeling sorry for myself. She said If I didn't start walking again I may never walk again. She said " I want you to get your ass out of bed and walk 3 times a day mister" The next day she would come see me again and ask if I had walked. It was rough I would tell her, but I did it or that I only made it twice. Her reply would be "I told you three times a day and I'm going to make the nurses walk you if you don't. At times I thought I was going to die. She said "good, my orders are working then". Damn, she was rough on me, but she would not give up.

Here I thought she was full of it, but after all she did know what she was talking about. She was very happy to see that I have recovered so quickly. Most don't recover this fast & and it takes months not weeks. She asked why I was off the oxygen? I told her I could not get in to see her and I felt I didn't need it any longer. She did a few tests to see if it was a good idea that I had taken myself off oxygen and I passed. She also sent me for an x-ray to see how well my lungs had cleared up. Her thought was they had, but I might have some scarring of the lungs, because I waited so long before seeing a doctor. She said more than likely I had pneumonia for two months before doing anything about it. She also said are you going to see a Dr. next time instead of letting things get so out of hand? Yes, I have leaned my lesson there.

Why did I let get things get so out of hand? Really it all comes down to not having a doctor. I never took the time to find one. That problem has now been solved thanks to pneumonia and a big stack of medial bills. I could have saved myself some money & time off work (which I am enjoying) if I had found a doctor and taken the time to go see. Me being me, thought I don't need a doctor because, for one I never get sick and two when I do it would go away in a few days. WRONG. I've learned getting old sucks and we need a doctor.

If I try and do too much at once I get tired, but that is going to be normal for while until my body gets used it. This has been a big change not only for me, but others around me. I am just thankful that there are doctors out there that care so much. Some would have given up on me because I never really cared to take the time to take care of myself.

Enough about me. Lets talk about the blog for a little bit. I was playing around on Facebook yesterday and noticed that my blog posts were not showing up in the notes like they once used to. Apparently, I never told Facebook or feedBurner (FeedBurner is a web feed management provider launched in 2004. FeedBurner provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to podcasters, and other web-based content publishers) that I had changed my web address. I thought it would just update it's self. No, it didn't. So yesterday I updated everything and now you should start to see posts again from me on Facebook, Google reader and other places.

If you had once signed up to have Qubee Quilts sent to your mailbox you will need to sign up again because of the change. There is a box on the right hand side of the blog page for you to enter your E-mail address and receive new blog post in your mail. No, Qubee Quilts will never share your e-mail with anyone.

I am working on a few quilting projects that I hope to show off in the next few days. I'm using fabric from my stash, but I am seeing that a lot of shops are having some great sales because they are making room for the new stuff coming from spring market and making it harder and harder for me not to buy.

I am going to work on a project today that has blues, greens, aqua gray and white in it. Quick easy project to hang on my wall. Only have a few weeks before I return to work so I had better get busy.

Until next time,

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  1. Didn't know you were so ill, glad you are better - take care of yourself and don't overdo-we are our own worst enemies sometimes.


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